What do you use your Visa rewards points for?

From my brief research, it appears that getting cash back is the worst return. for the same amount of points, you get $20 in cash but $25 in a store gift card, for example. The only store on there I regularly shop at is Banana Republic, and I don't eat at many of the restaurants. I haven't researched much of the travel and hotels yet, but I almost would just like to take the cash back, even though I know it's the worst deal. What do other people do with their points?

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It is ok not to maximize every cent/point if what you get in return is more convenient or better for you (--is what I tell myself)

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my points rewards visa

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Hello, I recently used some of my rewards points and ordered a prepaid visa card for $25.00 I went to the website and activated the card and it should be all set to use.

I still have over 1000 points on my account and want to use points to add another $10 to the card, since it says in multiple places that it it reloadable. When I go to redeem my points again it appears as though I am ordering a whole new card. If I already have a card will the new amount automatically be added to the balance on my existing card? Or do I have to get a whole new card for the $10? It took quite a while for me to receive the first card after I ordered it, so I would prefer to just have more money loaded to the same card, rather then wait for a 2nd card to come.