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MCU — MCU: Microcontroller Unit (MCU)#160; микроконтроллер (микросхема, содержащая процессор, память и периферийные устройства). Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)#160; устройство для реализации многоточечной аудио и видеоконференции. Monte Carlo#8230; … Википедия

MCU — ist die Abkürzung für Mikrocontroller Unit, siehe Mikrocontroller Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya Universität (Bangkok) Microcellularer Urethan, ein Kunststoff, siehe Elastomer Miktionszystourethrogramm, ein medizinisches Untersuchungsverfahren#8230; … Deutsch Wikipedia

MCU — son unas siglas que pueden hacer referencia a: Unidad de Control Multipunto, por sus siglas en inglés: Multipoint control unit. Movimiento circular uniforme Ministerio de Cultura (España) Esta página de desambiguación cataloga artículos#8230; … Wikipedia Español

MCU — Cette page d’homonymie répertorie les différents sujets et articles partageant un même nom. #160;#160;Sigles d’une seule lettre #160;#160;Sigles de deux lettres #160;Sigles de trois lettres #160;#160;Sigles de quatre lettres … Wikipédia en Français

MCU — a symbol for milk clotting unit, used for measuring dosage of bromelain, an enzyme used as a digestive aid and for reduction of pain and inflammation. This unit cannot be converted to a weight unit, because different preparations of the#8230; … Dictionary of units of measurement

MCU — maintenance communications unit … Military dictionary

MCU — malaria control unit; maximum care unit; micturating cystourethrography; motor cortex unit; multipoint control unit * * * micturating cystourethrogram. See urethrography … Medical dictionary

MCU — • Microprogramm Control Unit ( IEEE Standard Dictionary ) • Multi Chip Unit (DEC) • Microprocessor Controller Unit • Montlucon, France internationale Flughafen Kennung … Acronyms

mcu — ISO 639 3 Code of Language ISO 639 2/B Code : ISO 639 2/T Code : ISO 639 1 Code : Scope : Individual Language Type : Living Language Name : Cameroon Mambila … Names of Languages ISO 639-3

MCU — [1] Microprogramm Control Unit ( IEEE Standard Dictionary ) [2] Multi Chip Unit (DEC) [3] Microprocessor Controller Unit [4] Montlucon, France internationale Fughafen Kennung … Acronyms von A bis Z Review and Discussion

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REVIEW: Doctor Strange Fails To Live Up To MCU Standards

In a year packed with superhero movies ranging from the raunchy “Deadpool9rdquo; to the grim “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” from the misfiring “X-Men: Apocalypse” to the wild “Suicide Squad,” Marvel came out on top with the thrilling ensemble epic “Captain America: Civil War.” But while “Doctor Strange” could have been the company’s victory lap while introducing movie audiences to a cosmic new branch of the MCU, instead, this tale of magic and world-threatening mayhem is Marvel at it’s most mediocre.

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Dr. Stephen Strange, a top-notch but arrogant neurosurgeon who prizes his reputation above all else. So when a car accident leaves his masterful hands quivering and crippled, he travels to the ends of the earth and his own understanding of the universe to heal. That’s how he ends up in a curious temple, where a sorceress known only as The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) trains him not only in a way for this physician to heal himself, but also as a warrior against the magical and dark forces that would gladly gobble up our world.

Mads Mikkelsen brings his eerie charms to the role of darkness’ latest figure head Kaecilius, a former student of the Ancient One who’s struck out on his own to destroy the world as we know it. Joining Strange in his fight against this evil is Chiwetel Ejiofor as the Ancient One’s apostle Mordo, Benedict Wong as a no-nonsense librarian monk, and Rachel Adams as a nurse/requisite love interest.

The story itself makes sense only in broad strokes. Try to pick out the particulars of Kaecilius’s plan, and you’ll be left with far more questions than answers. Though Mads is riveting in his creepy make-up and confident glowers, his villain goes the way of too many MCU baddies by being too vaguely realized in his emotions and backstory to have a powerful emotional impact. However, Mikkelsen’s wry humor honed over seasons of “Hannibal9rdquo; comes in handy to deliver one of the film’s funniest moments, involving a nonchalant exchange that has a confused Kaecilius calling the titular hero “Mister Doctor.”

Unfortunately, this is one of the few jokes that work. Under the direction of Scott Derrickson (“Sinister9rdquo;), “Doctor Strange” rejects the broader comedic moments of quips and pratfalls that the MCU has made part of its signature in favor of a dryer wit. Which would have been great, if it worked. As it was, joke after joke from Strange including a run about people with solo names like Adele, Aristotle and Eminem fell flat, leaving a cavernous silence in a theater where laughter was meant to be. This speaks to the central problem of “Doctor Strange”: Benedict Cumberbatch has been wildly, woefully miscast.

Yes, in full-costume he looks very much like the mystic comic hero come to life. But “Doctor Strange” makes clear that Cumberbatch doesn’t have the intense kind of innate charm that can make the character spark to audiences. Like Tony Stark, Strange is an arrogant jerk who uses his smarts and barbed sense of humor to keep others at a distance. But without that Robert Downey Jr. level of volatile charisma, Strange doesn’t come off as a bad boy with a heart of gold. He’s just an asshole. For as inventive as the visuals (a mix of “The Cell” meets “Inception9rdquo; meets “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”) and action setups are, it’s hard to get invested in “Doctor Strange” when you’re cringing throughout over Strange’s piss-poor attitude.

Perhaps Cumberbatch’s portrayal could have been saved if the team of screenwriters (Jon Spaihts, Scott Derrickson, C. Robert Cargill) had given the “Sherlock9rdquo; star a Watson equivalent, someone more relatable who could goose some humanity out of this seemingly selfish ass. Constrained to the expectations of solemnly spectacular martial arts movies, blandly blissful Ejiofor and Swinton deliver muted performances that dull the fantastical theatricality “Doctor Strange” could have possessed. Divorced from this mysticism plot, McAdams is a ray of warmth in this vague adventure. But she’s resigned mostly to rare hospital scenes, and confined to an underdeveloped and blunted romance. So we’re left with a new hero who leans hard on the arc of Iron Man, without the humor, charisma, or star power that’s made that Marvel movie such an enduring joy.

Now, I admire that Derrickson tried to make the MCU his own, folding in trippy and sometimes nightmarish visuals of the astral planes and Mirror Dimension. He swung for the fences, and while the CGI bodies are sometimes jarringly rubbery, it’s a dizzying delight to see how these stylish sorcerers bends the streets of London, New York and Hong Kong into M.C. Escher-inspired constructs of chaos. However, while the action scenes have great settings, the fights themselves lack zing, leaving the stakes feeling weightless.

Is it odd to say my favorite thing about “Doctor Strange” was his cape? Not just aesthetically, though, yes, Cumberbatch seemed much more the mighty sorcerer as it swirled around his slender form. But with the magic of CG, this Cloak of Levitation proves Strange’s most loyal sidekick, not only adding bravado and flying him out of dire battles, but also pointing its wearer to some conveniently placed snares, and kicking ass on its own by whipping its corners in the face of baddies. Of course, when the most memorable character in your movie is enchanted fabric, that’s not great.

All in all, “Doctor Strange” is fine, and sometimes fun. But I’ve come to expect so much more from Marvel. With “Captain America,” “Thor,9rdquo; “Iron Man” and “The Avengers,” the shrewd studio casts films impeccably, bringing together an astonishing array of actors to create captivating onscreen chemistry and wonderfully larger-than-life characters. Following in the footsteps of the Batman and Spider-Man movies that came before, the MCU has been raising the bar on what audiences should demand from superhero spectacle. But sometimes, even they can’t clear it.

“Doctor Strange” opens November 4.

mcu review

Mcu review

Hey, everyone! So I’m an MCU OC review blog, feel free to shoot me your OC or someone else’s that you’d like me to review and I’ll get right to it. Together we can save the fandom, one sue at a time!

MCU Retrospective Review #8211; Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Year of Release: 2013

Budget: $170 million

Box Office Takings: $644.8 million

Director: Alan Taylor

Written By: Christopher Yoast, Christoper Markus and Stephen McFeely

Thor: The Dark World, in this reviewer’s opinion (which isn’t worth much to be honest) is probably one of the most non-entities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not sure if that makes sense but when you break it down, it is a pretty pointless film when you have this massive shared universe.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a perfectly serviceable film but what impact does it have on the Marvel universe at large? What does it do to further the MCU narrative? What consequences do we see for our heroes and the general populous of the realm at large? Let’s take a look at the plot.

Back in the early days of the universe, before the reign of Hannibal Lecter Odin, a rather pissed off Dark Elf (are there Light Elves?) called Malekith, who was born and raised in Liverpool, wanted to destroy the universe with his red gas/floaty stuff weapon of death known as The Aether. Better known to you and I as (mostly likely) the Reality Gem . Malekith seems to have his own version of the Super Solider Program and has a ton of overly powered warriors known as the Kursed. This doesn’t stop the forces of good from prevailing and Odin’s papi Bor hands Malekith’s army a six pack of whoop-ass and seals the Aether in some alternative realm/dimension. As is tradition with most movie villains, Malekith escapes with some of his cronies and ends up being frozen in time (hmmm another similarity with Captain America) where the eons pass by until present day.

Set shortly after the event of The Avengers, Loki is back in Asgard and Odin decides to punish his adopted/stolen son for crimes against Earth (well, technically a small portion of New York really). He is imprisoned in a rather spacious cell with rather lovely lightning and left to dwell on his crimes against humanity (read as: New Yorkers).

We finally get to see our hero in all his beardy and longhaired goodness fighting alongside The Warrior Three and Sif on another planet which is very well put together. Unsurprising, when you consider the director is Alan Taylor, who made his name in TV and has helmed 6 episodes of Game Of Thrones. Also included in his CV are shows like Lost, Mad Men, The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. A list that is very hard to turn your nose up at. Anyway, our heroes discover that mystical event is about to take place which will see portals opening all over the nine realms and cause a bit of trouble for the locals. Funnily enough, this event is known as Convergence, the name for the huge DC crossover which is currently in full swing. Do DC or Warner Bros. never learn?

In jolly old London, we see Thor’s ladyfriend and her sarky intern, Darcy go traipsing around some dodgy abandoned warehouses in seach of the aforementioned portals because Dr Foster is rather clever and has some badass theories about what is going on. Some rather wooden young actors show them that physics has all gone a bit tits up and before you can say “McGuffin”, the Doc is transported to a mythic yet highly convenient other dimension/place where Thor’s Grandpappy put the Aether. Thor has been keeping an ever so creepy watch on Jane via the all-seeing Hiemdall (you know, the bloke that racists campaigned against on social media because fictional characters can’t be black) and rushes to Earth when Big H tells him that he can no longer see her – Holy Damsel in distress!

Jane was clearly never raised to not touch stuff she doesn’t understand and ends up being infected/poisoned by the Aether which gives our hero a mission for the film. Hurray! Being a man of honour and such stuff, he rushes her back to his Mum and Dad’s gaff where medical science has reached Star Trek like levels of awesomeness. Odin being the wise bloke he is declares her utterly fucked and that the Aether will end her and the universe as it means the guy his Daddy kicked into touch will be coming back and has had eons in suspended animation to plot his revenge.

Wasting no time, Malekith decides against visiting Merseyside and heads off to Asgard to royally fuck up the pompous gits who ended his campaign to end the universe. Apparently it is easier to invade Asgard than we have previously imagined and using a bit of cloak technology, Malekith along with a new Kursed Elf (previously Algrim) who is now called Kursed to keep things simple, and a bunch of masked Elves who sole purpose is to fill the screen and end up as fodder for Thor’s hammer.

As I write this, it is worth mentioning that we do actually have something of worth happening, which has been sorely lacking in the MCU. We have someone die who actually fucking stays dead. It is a trope that is becoming very boring within the 10 films of the MCU and many articles online discuss how we need to see main characters killed off otherwise there is no consequence, no drama or progression. We end up going through the motions of “Oh no, they’re dead…..oh. Wait. It was all a ruse. Yay. The heroes win with no losses. Again.” Later on we even see it happen with arguably the most popular villain of modern times. They just don#8217;t like killing off the big names at Disney. However, a lesser name is acceptable. Frigga, Queen of Asgard is killed by the Dark Elves which sends Loki over the edge. Regardless of his actions, he sure is a Mummy’s boy and wants revenge. Thor enlists his help and we get one of the funniest scenes in the entire MCU play out featuring a great cameo from Captain America himself, channelled through Loki.

We get a bit of action on Return Of The Jedi sand-speeders and Loki shows Thor his secret passage out of Asgard as they go on their quest to avenger their Mother and get Dr Foster cured. We get some fighting which sees Loki play the aforementioned dead-not-dead card and Thor, with a now Aether-free jane bugger off to Greenwich via another very convenient portal. This ends up being the exact centre of the universe where DC’s Convergence is happening and Malekith rocks up with the Aether to end the universe and return him and his lot to power. We then get a bit of a draw out fight scene which sees Meow-Meow get all discombobulated as it trying to find Thor and he and Malekith fall between worlds as they fight to the death. Instead of having our hero cave in Malekith’s head, Thor gets his science on and with the help of Jane, Darcy and a recently released Dr Selvig (who was institutionalized after his role in The Avengers) , they transport Malektih and his ship to another planet which ends in said ship squishing said Dark Elf. Another Marvel villain bites the dust.

The final scene plays out exactly as most predicted as it was bloody obvious that Loki hadn’t died earlier, and he is left grinning on the throne, ready for Raknarok.

The mid-credit stinger certainly caused a bit of a stir as we get our first look at the Marvel Cosmic Universe. Volstagg of the Warriors Three and Sif visit a rather bizarre Zoo of sorts and a man in all white, who we come to know as The Collector, takes the Aether off of them and rather nefariously remarks “one down, five to go”. With this, we most definitely see the pieces of a universe-spanning jigsaw start to fall into place. Something confirmed when Marvel announced The Infinity War two-parter at the end of the decade.

The very lend stinger is all rather soppy as Thor finally gets to snog Jane and then we see a cat-like monster causing havoc back at the abandoned warehouses where our adventure with Jane started.

As I said at the start, the film is enjoyable and holds it#8217;s own. We get some good fight sequences and Loki continues to steal the show and the hearts of every Tumblr user, ever. However, the main villain is another paint by the numbers who is just there to make our hero look badass and ends up dead. No fuss, no muss. I will correct my comment about it having no affect on the MCU as a whole. Loki now sits on the Asgardian throne which will obviously play a part in Ragnarok and the handing over of The Aether to The Collector means it is up for grabs and can fit nicely onto a nice glove#8230;..