which credit bureau is most accurate

After the tip of the year, we try very hard to ensure all our accounts and see where we went wrong. On going through documents and comparing the 3 credit reports, you can also see if any details are missing.

which credit bureau is most accurate

which credit bureau is most accurate

I#39;m sure you#39;ve heard of identity theft and can be a friend, relative, or if you have been a victim. They are the states that allow to avail all these loans and advances they need at different times of life.

Which is the most accurate credit score to get?

Which is the most accurate credit score to get?

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How do i dispute my credit report?

i haven#8217;t used my credit in a couple of years and i have stuff showing up on my credit report

How long can bankruptcy information be reported by a consumer reporting agency?

This is another one of my questions from my credit worksheets. Thank you.

Is there anything i could do about this loan situation?

I am behind two payments on my car, can they repo it if i promise to make a payment?

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Where is a good place to get apprroved for a instant online payday loan, with bad credit?

easy approval and instant deposited into US bank account

Does anyone if and where I can get an auto loan for under $4,000?

Why is it that you can#8217;t get free online credit report in Canada?

You can only get the report if you send them all the requirements#8221; through mail and wait for friggin 4 weeks to get your free copy of your credit report. Otherwise

Which is the most accurate credit score to get?

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Error while booking ticket on air india express online website using credit card issued in Dubai?

i have tried to book a ticket, but each time it gave an error credit card information incomplete or use alternative payment mode. the information provided was correct #038; the same was successfully used to purchase things online. i believe this is due to the credit card being issued in Dubai? Is anyone know about this issue? Please help me out. I have been using the same credit card last year #038; it worked with out any issues for booking the same flight. now probably the website has been changed, it is having some problem.

Can I still apply for financial aid (loans, grants, etc.) if I have a recent bankruptcy?

See this is the problem, because of massive debt and many times laid off, I declared Ch.7 and still have outstanding student loans (about 30K), but they were in deferment and have never been late. However, after talking to one of my student loan creditors, they said that because of my bankruptcy that my loans, which before were in great standing, have all gone into default. I was told I will have to repay once the bankruptcy is discharged. Does this mean that my student loans are now bad credit as well? How will this affect my ability to receive financial aid if I go on for a master#8217;s or a professional degree?

Credit check reqiuring no credit card?

trying to find site to get credit report without having to enter credit card number

Can you be denied a car loan because your on workers comp?

i went to buy a car yesterday and the bank said my credit was good enough for the loan but they want me to go back to work for two weeks and then they will give me the loan. im off work right now on worker comp. is this legal?

Do you need an auto loan to buy a car?

I see. I didn#8217;t know that finance = auto loan#8221;#8221;

How to add new home address to credit report?

If i am facing foreclose on my house. Do i need to file for bankruptcy?

What do i need to know about filling for bankruptcy in the state of California?

Need help. Give me all the info.you know.

Which is the most accurate credit score to get?

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How much of a home loan can I qualify for? Most affordability#8221; calculators online show a low loan amount.#8221;

My husband and I live in Southern California and we are planning on getting pre-qualified for a home soon. I want to know what to expect as far as the amount of a home loan we can qualify for. My husband and I#8217;s net income is about $90k per year together. Our credit scores are both between 720 and 735. We have no credit card debt or student loans. Our only monthly debt is our vehicles, which combined is $950 a month. Online affordability calculators show a loan amount around $230 #8211; $250k, which is pretty crappy for homes in southern California. How accurate are these calculators? Could we qualify for more?

Does anyone know a way I might aquire a spare $400 that can be payed back 2 days later?

I don#8217;t get payed until the 3rd, and rent is due on the 1st. I can#8217;t get a payday loan because I lost my license#8211;the only one I have has been expired for 4 years. I#8217;m moving into a new place on short notice#8211;this is the 1st month#8217;s rent.

Credit apr vs auto loan apr?

is it the same. Does the auto loan have a fixed interest amount vs the credit card charging you interest based on the current bal?

Where can I check my credit score for FREE? NOT freecreditreport.com?

I have already checked there and my Aunt has used them and they charged her 9.99 a month, which is not exactly free#8221;

Can you pay jimmy johns with a debit card?

I#8217;m ordering jimmy johns online and it says gift card and credit card only#8230;.can you still pay with a debit card?

What is my credit score? how do i find out?

Is the drummer on the freecreditreport.com commercial Hugh Laurie#8217;s son?

This is a silly question but its driving me crazy. Im a huge Hugh Laurie (HOUSE MD) fan and everytime I see these freecreditreport.com commercials I think thats gotta be his son, he looks just like him only younger. He#8217;s the one who plays the drums in the bathroom, the passenger in the front seat of the car and the one sitting at the table at the restuarant, while the other ghuy sings the little song. Someones gotta know#8230;lol

What is the best possibility for me to get a 40k personal loan to payoff other debts?

My credit score is pretty good. It#8217;s about 740. Which private lender should I go to? I don#8217;t have any assets except for my car. What is the typical interest rate per month?

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How much would a $5000 line of credit be?

Oh, and the line of credit came from a credit union.

Great rental history but bad credit, can i get an apartment?

I have applied for an apartment at 2 sister properties. They are owned by the same corporation. I have perfect rental history and so do my roommates. However, mine and my boyfriends credit is bad and our other roommate has no credit at all. The first property we applied to said we needed to pay a $750 deposit. The second property manager said that she didn#8217;t understand that and that she did not think that would happen if we applied there. So we applied but have not heard anything. My question is What are the odds that we will get the apartment on the second property given the circumstances?

HELP! Debt Settlement?

Hi, just a few questions to anyone who knows anything about debt settlement. Please answer seriously. Thanks in advance. My husband and I racked up a lot of credit card debt. I would say around $30,000 to $40,000. It got to the point where we couldn#8217;t make our minimum payments. What can I say? We were pretty stupid! Anyways, we started with Care One Debt Consolidation. They wanted a payment of $800/month. This was a lot for us (on top of our other bills #8211; car payments, insurance, etc.) but not too bad because we were not married yet and still living at home with my mom (I just turned 20 by the way.) In March of this year, we got married and I got a better job so that we could afford to move out #8211; just barely afford to move out. Now, with rent and electricity and everything else, we can#8217;t make the huge $800 payment for the debt consolidation. My husband (he is 26) just got his hours cut back due to the winter and the struggling economy. We missed last months payment and called Care One back to see what we could do. They recommended Persels and Associates, LLC to us (supposedly through Care One as well.) They took down our salaries and then subtracted everything that we have to pay every month. Turns out that we can pay $240 a month now. They said that this goes into an escrow account and they negotiate with the creditors to settle. They said that this will take 4 years. Before, I was paying the $800 per month and they said that would also take four years#8230;. So I guess if my math is correct, then I will be paying out $11,520 with Percel and Associates as oppossed to $38,400 with the debt consolidation plan. I know it will effect my husbands credit, but how bad? Is this the same as bankruptcy? I know that they take fees out of your money#8230;.that is okay with me as long as it all works out in the end. We can#8217;t make the payments now, so I guess it#8217;s no different. Anyone heard of this Persels and Associates, LLC? I heard that you can get sued by the credit card companies#8230;..is this true? Anything else you can tell me? I need some much needed advice. Credit is a big deal I know, but my husband is still young #8211; we are not planning on buying a house anytime soon or getting any more credit cards with large balances. We now have $560 extra dollars per month that we can put towards savings, paying down our cars, etc. What are your thoughts? Thank you so much for listening. I am so confused and need some major insight.

What should I do credit card?

I#8217;ve been paying off a lot of credit card debt and I just received my credit report. I have not much saved up in savings. Should I pay off all of my debt or pay the minimum and put most of my pay in the bank. I#8217;m thinking of buying my first house. Thanks

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Why payday loans not showing up on credit report?

My wife and I are filing bankruptcy and pulled up both our credit report and none of our payday loans show up and we had at least 3 payday loans each. It’s been like 4 years since those PDL and now I don’t remember where we got most of them from. Not sure where to get the information from so I can list it on our bankruptcy.. Telecheck. Will it show all PDL?

Which is the most accurate credit score to get?

Will a credit card company give me a card after taking bankruptcy on them?

Hello. I was discharged from a chapter 7 bankruptcy about a year and 9 months ago, and have been working on rebuilding my credit. I got a car loan immediately afterward, along with 2 high interest, high annual fee credit cards, and all 3 have been paid on, extra on each payment, on time, each month since then. The bankruptcy included most major card issues, including Discover, American Express, Chase, Capital One, Best Buy, GE Money, Wal-Mart, and Target to name a few. My question is, since those were included in the BK, will those issuers ever give me a card again if I apply? I figured I would ask before I just apply, as I wanted to try for at least one so I can get rid of the high interest cards and continue building my credit back up. Thanks

How do i find a loan shark in uk?

i need to find a loan shark. im in south wales. 07855248354

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Calculating with fixed mortgage rates?

If there is a fixed mortgage, amount= $100,000 interest rate= 4% Length of mortgage= 360 months How do you calculate the first monthly payment? How do you calculate the last monthly payment? How do you calculate the total payments? Thank you!

Auto Loan Refinancing?

With recent Federal Gov intrest rate cuts. Is now a good time to refinace your auto loan?

Is there anywhere good online to apply for a car loan with bad credit?

I have a 600 score with trans a 530 with equifax and experian. I dont think it is because I have bad credit, it is limited. Is there anywhere online that I can get approved rather then going to the dealerships and looking dumb?

Will I pass the TSA Credit Check if I#8217;m currently going through bankruptcy?

I just took the test to be a TSO and I accepted the contingent offer. It#8217;s now on to the credit check, which I#8217;m really scared about. I filed bankruptcy in Feb. and just had my 341 meeting and I#8217;m now waiting for my bankruptcy discharge. Will this make me fail the Credit Check? Can I explain to them what happened?

Are there Joint Secured Credit Cards?

My husband and I are trying to build both of our credit scores over the next 12-18 months so that we can qualify for a decent interest rate when we purchase a home. We are looking to put about $1400 (possibly more) on a couple secured credit cards. I#8217;ve heard that the quickest way to build your score is by having a variety of good accounts. He has a car payment on his score as well as a furniture payment. I have a school loan payment. We were thinking of getting 3 cards each with two having $200 on them and the 3rd having $300 and then only spending 10% on each a month and paying them on time.. possibly even adding to the limit now and then (basically a form of savings that looks good on our credit. However, I am wondering if we even need to have 6 cards between us.. Or could we just have 3 Joint cards? 2 having $400 each and the 3rd having $600? If you have a suggestion for a secured card to go with that reports to all 3 credit agencies please send me in the right direction. It would be great if they offered joint cards as well. Right now we are looking at a CitiBank, a Wellsfargo and an Orchard Bank Card (HSBC -which is who our car payment is through) Any advice would be great. Right now our credit scores are hovering right around 570 and I#8217;ve been paying off old debt and charge offs and such for just over a year and my husband#8217;s score went up for a while and then surprisingly went down.. mine is slightly hire than his and I have less accounts in good standing. I sort of feel like we#8217;re stuck in a rut. Aside from the $13K we still owe on our car we have no debt left to repair so our only option seams to be getting a couple Secured Credit Cards and building credit that way. Advice is appreciated!

How to get rid of my student loan debt?

Or at least drastically lower my payments. I owe about 80k I have 3 lenders Nelnet, AES, and Wells Fargo. I managed to lower my Nelnet to about 150 since it on IBR. Its mostly my AES (about 150 dollars) and My Wells Fargo (about 250 dollars). They just stress me out every month. Not only do I have that I have my rent/utilities, car payment, cell phone, gas, food, and prescriptions to pay for. And I work as a mental health worker trying to find a higher paying job. Since they are mostly private loans nothing like IBR will be able to work. Any constructive answers?

Can i pay my best buy credit card bill online?

How do I find out if a company is in violation of bankruptcy, and is there a way to report it?

My former employer of a small business is restructuring under bankruptcy. I know he has created a sister company#8221; that does the exact same thing and is trying to funnel his old customers to his new company. Using the failing companies advertising dollars to get the new business of the ground seems like stealing from the people he owes money to. To make things more difficult for me I am a #8220;disgruntled employee#8221; and a competitor. I don#8217;t want my judgement to be clouded just because I don#8217;t like the guy. There is also a friend of mine still at the old company who relies on that job. I#8217;m not asking you to solve all of life#8217;s problems

Is it possible to declare bankruptcy to avoid paying on a deficiency judgment granted to your mortgage lender?

This is a hypothetical situation; however, I wanted your thoughts…We owe $265k on our house in which we are significantly “under water”. The exact model of our house in our neighborhood just sold for $199k, which means we have at least $66k in negative equity. Maryland is a recourse state. If we spontaneously stopped paying on our mortgage and B of A foreclosed on our property and the judge granted a deficiency judgment to B of A for the $66k+ that we owed, what would prevent us from then declaring bankruptcy to avoid paying on the deficiency judgment? Am I correct in thinking that once they sell the house and the deficiency judgment is issued that this debt would be discharged just as credit card debt would be in bankruptcy proceedings? Again, this is all hypothetical. Just curious as I’m paying $2k per month for a house that is worth 2/3 of what I paid for it and it has me thinking a bit.

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Can House wife take home loan on the income spouse?

I am a housewife with no income. Can I take joint home loan with my husband who is a PSU employee? My husband#8217;s gross salary is Rs.90,000/- p.m. and net pay is Rs.60,000/-. He has already availed House Building Advance (HBA) from his Company and the property is self occupied. Now I want to know that how much loan we can take to buy second property. Is the ROI differs for second home loan?

Which is the most accurate credit score to get?

In the TV show Sons of Anarchy, what is or what does vig#8221; mean?#8221;

Just started watching this show and in Season 1 episode 4 titled patch over#8221; is when I first heard this word being used. I have no idea what it means and/or stands for.#8221;

Auto Loan Refinancing?

With recent Federal Gov intrest rate cuts. Is now a good time to refinace your auto loan?

I need both a student loan and an auto loan what should i do?

i am moving to seattle in nov and will need a loan for school, however the car that i own is a lemon and i need a new asap that won#8217;t cost e millions in re-pairs so my only option is to buy one with a loan however i#8217;m afraid that if i have an auto loan i won#8217;t be able to get a student loan#8230;

What is a legit Payday loan site no third party with no credit check and fast approval?

I filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy I would now like convert that to a chapt. 7?

the lawyer says for me to convert from a chapter 13 to a 7 that I would have to pay my secure debt arrearages#8230;does this sound accurate?

which credit report is most accurate

which credit report is most accurate #8211; Recognizing your debt records and also the major debt reporting agencies is the crucial to your economic future. Here we will inform your on exactly what lender are trying to find, your debt records, the debt reporting agencies and also guide you to take control of your debt. Non-mortgage consumer debt focuses on 2 features, trust and also capability; could you be trusted to pay back and also do you have the capability to pay back. Because of this, debt could have some very poor effects with the wrong information. Our lives generally revolve around the choices we make, we are presented with those choices daily, in some cases several times a day. You have to be familiar with your credit record and also know it well, relying on the debt bureaus to handle your credit report is like having fun with suits; at some time you will get shed!

Which credit score is most accurateImage Source

Commonly, looking for a charge card entails going to your financial institution or a charge card business, submitting an application, sending the needed requirements, waiting for authorization and also waiting for your card to show up by mail. Nevertheless, Shopping has now made it possible for people to reduce the procedure by using online, where some financial institutions and also bank card companies provide instantaneous authorization of applications in an issue of minutes. The impacts that innovation has in the society have actually been also influential that most people could not assist yet go with the circulation of occasions. For this reason, an increasing number of people have actually constantly bought the innovation that the bank card market had actually brought. which credit report is most accurate are highly obtainable, so it is simple to attempt to obtain a new card. Prior to you tackle your application in a hurry, consider 5 actions making certain the financial institution accepts you for your new plastic. One of the advantages people have these days is the capacity to complete online bank card applications. The Net really does make the procedure much simpler when compared with filling in old made paper kinds, sending them in and also waiting for a reaction. Don#8217;t for a minute assume that due to the fact that you are sending an application online that the bank card companies are not going to confirm the information and also realities you submit on your application. It#8217;s reasonable to say that these days you will not find way too many people owning down to their regional financial institution branch to complete a charge card application. The large bulk of Americans are remaining at house and also utilizing the web to contrast all sort of bank card deals. You could contrast lots of bank card uses internet. Credit card uses made use of ahead in the mail by the dozens for some people but now the majority of marketing for cards is done online. The card authorization procedure has in some cases been decreased to minutes and also secs instead of days or weeks.

Which credit score is most accurate 9 Credit Report Myths You Need To Know | Gobankingrates with regard to which credit report is most accurate | 2200 X 1376

Why the Credit scores Reporting Agencies want you to have poor debt. Your credit history score affects everything you buy in a timely manner, automobile lendings, bank card payments and even what does it cost? you pay for automobile and also life insurance policy! Professionals say that 79% of the adult populace has at the very least on incorrect, deceptive and also unreliable item on their credit record. How to take care of collection agents and also quit the pestering telephone call. How to transform the tables on your financial institutions. What Scrap Financial obligation Purchasers are, just how they could hurt your debt and also exactly what you could do concerning it. How to utilize the Statute of Limitations to eliminate financial obligation. If you paid eligible higher education expenses during the year on your own, your spouse, or a dependent on your income tax return, you may be able to assert a credit score, deduction, or a few other benefit on your income tax return. The primary objective of this phase to bring to your recognition all the education and learning credit reports, deductions, and also advantages, which you might be eligible for; to enlighten you ways to assert these advantages, and also to allow you making a notified choice, based upon your specific circumstances. Finally, one location you should explore is your credit report. If you have a great credit report you should be fine. If it#8217;s not, you should know that some bank card companies will instantly disapprove online applications made by people with poor debt ratings. While a lot of bank card companies allow giving ins for people with poor credit report, the choice of using online is typically scheduled for those with tidy documents. If you have actually got a poor document and also still want a charge card, then typically you#8217;ll need to ask personally. One seeming exception to this guideline is that some bank card carriers will really supply bank card without background debt checks, As Well As will let you apply online! This may appear like a perfect scenario for people with poor credit report. Nevertheless, pay really attention to the fine print and also other terms when looking for that bank card, due to the fact that there#8217;s likely going to be a catch somewhere. The catch will typically entail significant rates of interest or bigger than ordinary fees for postponed payments #8211; which pretty much simply takes advantage of you if you come under the same economic pattern that got you poor debt to begin with. If which credit report is most accurateappears also excellent to be true, it most likely is.