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I, of course, am a green goddess and love all things Eco-friendly so I added the Eco pack. This specific pack is of course free and will give you twice as many points back on what you spend so you can get items you want even faster.

I love the fact that I even earn points for putting gas in my car, I mean that is something I do anyway and I am getting rewarded for it. Also this is one of the most reputable companies to get a credit card from because they have a low interest rate for those who qualify and a very low annual fee.

For this specific card the annual fee is only $25 depending of course on what additional packs you add. Some other packs that you can add to this, which I also have added myself, are the music pack for $5/year and it gives you great deals .

It is really great to have because when your favorite band is coming into town you would of course want to be the first one with the tickets. Also for those people who love to travel on occasion or who do it frequently there is a built in travel protection feature that will cover whatever is taken from your card and protect your identity.

If that wasn#8217;t enough to make this card amazing you can also access and manage your account from any computer or smart phone. All of this is included in the basic package deal

with this amazing card and of course you also get great deals on shopping and entertainment.

That means if you love to have all the latest fashion designs and see all the greatest movies you can and at a great deal too. Imagine all the others are paying full price an you have this great card that will get you a great percentage off of that retail price tag.

There is no better way to choose a credit card than to see all the great little extras that it comes with and actually be able to see that you can get rewarded for just being you and doing what you love.

Download PhoenixCard (all versions)

PhoenixCard is a small tool that allows you to create bootable image of android firmware (img) on SD Card and Micro SD cards. Here, on this page we have managed to share all version of PhoenixCard including the oldest and latest version.

Zync card

It allows you to flash Android IMG Firmware on SD Card and Micro SD Card. Basically PhoenixCard creates the bootable image of the android firmware that can be written on SD and Micro SD memory cards.

All you have to do is, Just insert the SD or Micro SD memory card to the computer and launch the PhoenixCard tool. After that select the Desk and IMG Firmware and Click on Burn.

Supports Allwinner A10 ARM Processor

It allows you to create the bootable image of the Android firmware on SD Card and Micro SD Card, which is compatible with Allwinner A10 ARM processor.

PhoenixCard creates a hidden partition on your SD or Micro SD card, that you cant format from the Windows Computer directly.

Once you have flashed the IMG firmware on the SD memory, it can be read by the RomBoot of the motherboard of your device. If You dont want to update your device unexpectedly, then you can format or clean the SD memory to Normal using the PhoenixCard.

[*] How to use PhoenixCard Tool: Firstly you have to connect the SD or Micro SD memory to the computer (you can use card reader to connect), after that Open the PhoenixCard tool on your computer and select the IMG firmware that you want to write on the SD Memory, and Click on Burn.

[*] Caution: Flashing the Android Firmware on the SD or Micro SD memory will delete the existing data from the memory card. So, take the backup of everything that is present on the SD memory.

[*] Credits: PhoenixCard is created by Unknown Person. If you know who created it then will love to add the credits.

zync card


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