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14 Ridiculously Expensive Pet Products

크레딧 카르마

Like any other pet owners we love to pamper our furry friends, but of course within our limits. But what kind of attention do pets of the rich and famous receive? Apparently some wealthy pets live better lives that most of us will ever dream to. They#8217;ve got it all, from designer clothes, diamond collars to luxurious beds and accessories. Look on in disbelief at some of the most ridiculously expensive products for pets ever made.

Maybe the good folks at Hartman Rose are unaware of this fact, but dogs already have fur. But fur coats are never about need—they#8217;re about a status symbol to let everyone else know you#8217;re a pedigree pup and not some flea ridden mongrel. There#8217;s no mistaking who#8217;s who when you walk Princess down the street in an authentic Mink Fur Coat. We can#8217;t help but wonder though#8230; would it be an act of cruelty towards animals if PETA dumped a bucket of paint on a dog wearing fur?

22k Gold-Thread Pet Mattress #8211; $3,000

On a modest blogger salary this writer has never been able to buy a brand new mattress, so it#8217;s hard not to envy the mutt who sleeps on this $3000 22K Gold-Thread Pet Mattress. Originally the company that makes these makes them for humans at a hefty $30,000 price tag, but when one customer requested a bed for her Maltese the company realized there#8217;s a market for pampered pets.

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As far as we know even the finickiest cats could care less what their Fancy Feast comes in, as long as it#8217;s Fancy Feast. That#8217;s why it#8217;s hard to justify a 22K gold leafed Borocco Pet Bowl by Versace. We promise#8230; your pet will never take note of the fine gold and black detail on this pristine porcelain bowl.

Why should your dog have to sleep on that old blanket your Grandma knitted when you can afford a pet bed that costs more than some people make in a year? Because he#8217;s just a dog, that#8217;s why. Seriously, we love our pets but do they really need a flamboyant bed styled after an 18th century French Rosewood commode? For as expensive as this custom bed is, to our surprise you still have to supply your own fabric.

I Love Dogs 52-carat Diamond Dog Collar #8211; $1.8 Million

Yeah we#8217;ve seen snobby pets with diamond studded collars before, but none as excessive as the I love Dogs Diamond Dog Collar. Studded with more than 1600 hand-set diamonds on 18 K white gold attached to a crocodile leather collar. This $1.8 million collar just makes you wonder how much ransom money the owner would be willing to pay if their precious pup were kidnapped#8230; not that we would ever do such a thing. Source

Swarovski-studded Cat Flap #8211; $1,644

Let everyone who enters your home know who the king of the house is. Your cat deserves a regal entrance and what better entrance than this Swarovski Studded cat flap featuring more than 1000 Swarovski crystals? You might find the $1,644 price tag to be a bit too extreme, but what price can one place on getting into the king#8217;s good graces?

If you feel pressured to wear a high end fragrance imagine how your dog must feel? After all your dog is constantly being judged by the other dogs based on the way it smells. Don#8217;t worry about getting your pooch the wrong scent because the Sexy Beast Fragrance is unisex with a mix of natural patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oils.

Hello Kitty Crystal Dog House #8211; $31,660

Do you like small dogs AND Hello Kitty? Okay, do you also have about 3 grand? This ridiculously expensive bed only fits the tiniest of pups in the center of the bed adorned with 75000 crystal beads. We#8217;re not sure what#8217;s more ironic#8230; that a dog will sleep on a bed featuring a cartoon cat or that it will probably pee all over it when the owner isn#8217;t looking.

Super Dog House with Plasma TV and Spa #8211; $410,825

You know times are tough when Duke#8217;s dog house only has a 52#8243; Plasma Tv instead of the 57#8243; but at least he doesn#8217;t have to sacrifice the temperature controlled spa or self cleaning food bowls. As if that wasn#8217;t absurd enough the super dog house features a retina scan entry to keep out neighborhood mutts (and probably hobos). And obviously since the dog will never have a reason to leave his paradise the owner can monitor him via a webcam, never having to actually interact in a genuine way ever again.

Roberto Cavalli Designer Pet Clothes #8211; $110 #8211; $1,200

There#8217;s a difference between putting an old t-shirt on the dog and taking some pics and spending $110 on one that#8217;s meant exclusively for him. That difference being disposable income, or possibly some kind of personality disorder. If you fall into either of those categories then you#8217;ll want to check out Roberto Cavalli#8217;s line of pet clothes catering to #8220;pooch couture.#8221; The collection features a variety of elaborate satin bathrobes, silk shorts and velor tracksuits.

While most people struggle to keep their dog OFF of their expensive sofa, some folks are spending insane amounts of money on Swarovski Studded Thrones. We haven#8217;t confirmed a price, but we imagine that it falls into #8220;if you have to ask you can#8217;t afford it.#8221; We imagine no matter what you spend on this swanky pet chair there#8217;s nothing stopping your precious pup from chewing up the wood frame or ripping up the mattress cover.

You know those little cat condos made of cardboard and carpet that usually run about $50? Yeah, we thought those were expensive#8230; The Cat cabin made of wood and lined with a dirt repellent pillow gives your cat a safe comfy place to nap because apparently that pile of dirty clothes in the closet is beneath him.

It#8217;s no secret that celebs get all kinds of swag for going to fancy events, but we had no idea that even their pets gets expensive gift bags. The EXTRA Awards Lounge gave away $1200 worth of goodies for doggies. The set included an embroidered Doggie Diaper Bag, Sushi Pups dog toys and a Year of Your Dog tag from Bark Avenue Jewelers (we could not make this stuff up if we tried) and tons more.

If you#8217;ve got a few million dollars worth of jewels and lot of spare time then it#8217;s only natural that you#8217;d make a $4.2 million tiara for your (male) dog. Two months and 250-carats later and your dog looks as unhappy as ever. The owner plans to make a hair clip made of jewels as well#8230; probably because it#8217;s hard for the dog to keep his head up with a tiara weighing him down.