Meet: Ernest Gromov- From Russia With#8230; Abs

Choosing the best few shots from dozens to convey that #8216;wow factor#8217; or story is not as easy as it seems and Miss Brown got around to drool- I mean choose my favourite images from Ernest#8217;s shoot with Syrian/Italian photographer Issa Yasji to feature exclusively for our Q A recently.

Meet earnest

Chale, most people think modelling professionally is easy. What is the hardest thing about being a model besides competing with hundreds or thousands to book a job?

Meet earnest

You are so woke on that and I agree that sort of glorification is narrow, lazy and fundamentally backwards across the board. Speaking of healthy lifestyles though, can you share some tips on keeping or getting those sexy abs?

Sure. Some of it is down to your genes, however, most of it is down to your diet and that#8217;s something you can change. Eat protein-rich food; eggs, chicken, fish etc. Have a good carb diet #8211; brown rice, buckwheat, oats, wholemeal bread etc. Avoid white carbs #8211; white rice, white bread etc. Avoid too many sweets and fizzy drinks. Drink water. And WORK-OUT! To get your abs toned #8211; do as many reps as you can with very short breaks in between sets.

Meet earnest

Meet earnest

I welcome President Trump#8217;s calls to unite with Russia and fight terrorism together instead of facilitating it like the previous US regimes did. This US-Russia rapprochement is much needed today. We do not want a WW3, which is the direction we were heading towards under Obama/Hilary/Kerry regime who went from poking the bear to stabbing the bear in recent years (ouch!). Anyone who thinks that Russia and USA coming together is a bad thing and WW3 is a good thing is either misguided or dishonest.

Love your frankness on this! Let#8217;s get back to London though, what do you like about living in the city?

I like the diversity. The fact that there are so many cultures one can encounter and absorb while living here. There is some beautiful architecture here in London. I love central London, as well as West (Notting Hill) and North-West (Primrose Hill). It is also well-connected in terms of transport #8211; but it is also very expensive. In Saint-Petersburg (Russia), for instance, the underground is much cheaper but also much cleaner and better maintained.

You had to find a way to big-up the homeland innit?! And you jumped the gun on my next question. What don#8217;t you like about London?

It is very expensive, and often one pays stupid money for something that is not worth it. People pay as much as £1,000 per month for a room, not a flat, one room, when in other parts of England or in other countries one can rent a beautiful apartment for that same money. A lot of the housing in London is very old, the walls are too thin as if they are made of cardboard and everything is too small, everything is crammed. Also, a lot of the areas are dirty, with mice and rats, like it#8217;s 1666. You will see a big difference if you go to other European cities, like Saint-Petersburg or Berlin #8211; much cleaner. However, of course, there are good and bad areas everywhere.

Hmmm do you think London is becoming overrated then?

Definitely. Might move to Russia or Africa. I am serious.

To be fair plenty of people seem ready to jump ship lately even those that have been here for a few months. Speaking of Africa, what#8217;s your fave Ghanaian dish?

I love Ghanaian food in general. Definitely jollof rice with beef stew, but I LOVE SHITO! One of the best sauces in the world. #nextlevelshit

meet earnest

At Teledata, we love to give you a personal insight as to who is behind the voice whenever you call our customer service desk. This week, please meet Ernest Sefah Ntiamoah. He has been with us at Teledata since 2014.

Ernest works on connections and customer requests and assistance.

He is a stickler for making sure customers are happy.

That is our top priority at Teledata, and we try hard as possible to do this.

Ernest embodies this.

“Being with Teledata, as an internet service provider, whose main objective is to satisfy the customers through the service provision, I feel very enthused to do this.”

When did you first use the internet?

With a smile spreading across his face, Ernest Sefah Ntiamoah remembers the first time he ever used the internet.

“I was at high school. I was 15 years old. There was only one computer, so we had to fight over it #8211; it was a battle for supremacy! My primary intention was to get control of that computer and play games,” Ernest says with a chuckle.

Now, no longer in high school and no longer interested in playing computer games, when Ernest is free you are more likely to see him using the internet to research.

“I enjoy lifting weights, so I do a lot of research about lifting weights and gyming.”

He will look up his favorite bodybuilders before he hits the gym. He will often log on to YouTube to find the techniques needed and find inspiration in the world’s top bodybuilders!

What are your favorite things to do on the internet? Let us know in the comments below!