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Rebuild your credit with Next Millennium

New millenium credit cardsThe Next Millennium Card is the long awaited and totally sensible missing link between savings and spending. So many Americans have got into trouble with mounting debt because of the cheap credit decade of the #8216;noughties#8217;, that it will be a long time before the nation can get back to common sense money management. But the new Next Millennium Card is a great step forward in personal budgeting.

The big problem with credit cards has been the fact that they amount to unsecured loans. The new Next Millennium Card is lending secured on actual savings. So when you buy stuff with your Next Millennium Card you must have the money in an FDIC insured savings account. You can only spend on the card the amount that you have in savings.

NO credit checks, NO turn downs, and secured credit limits can go as high as $5,000.00. Get the Next Millennium Card today.

Because the Next Millennium Card is a secured credit card based on your real assets, your savings there is no credit check involved when you apply for one. Application is a simple process you will only need to have your usual demographic data verified. This means your age, your social security number of course and your home address. All of which will be verified without reference to your repayment track record or FICO score.

The processing fee, payable when you apply for the Next Millennium Card is $93 and so confident are they that you will be approved, that they offer a double refund of this amount in the unlikely event that you fail to gain approval. Look for the details of this #8216;double your money back guarantee#8217; in the terms and conditions on the Next Millennium Card website. There are 5 easy steps to this application process;

* Fill in and submit your application form along with the processing fee.

* Next Millennium Card will confirm receipt of fee and provide documents the saver needs to open the FDIC insured savings account that underpins the repayment of the credit card balance. If, and this is very unlikely, you can not meet all of these conditions, this offer will be withdrawn, and your processing fee will be lost to you. Failing to send your deposit will, of course lead to the application failure. Inaccurate or false information will also mean loss of deposit.

* Once the documents are completed and received along with the funds for the deposit, your age, social security number and residence data will be verified.

* You must open the savings account with the Next Millenium bank with a minimum deposit of $300 ($5000 maximum). If you do not open an account meeting these requirements within 60 days, the offer of credit will be withdrawn and your deposit lost.

* After verification your credit card will be sent to you and you can spend up to the limit of your savings by using the credit card in the usual. If data cannot be verified you will receive a full refund of your savings account and double your processing fee.

Many Americans, overburdened with debt at this time, will find the new secured Next Millennium Card allows them to rebuild their credit score. They and you can have an improved relationship with creditors every time you and they make repayments on time. A 100% credit track record on your account is a pre-requisite to getting control over your finances. Lenders will steadily become more confident in your ability to ask for and receive increased credit limits. With the Next Millennium Card you can increase your credit limits at any time with extra savings deposits.

The Next Millennium Card has a credit limit minimum of $300.00 and a maximum of $5,000.00 per card. These figures are also the initial deposit limits per card. But you control the actual limit by choosing the the amount you deposit in your secured savings account with New Millennium Bank. Your credit limit and your savings balance in your insured savings account are always the same.

The beauty of the next Millenium Card is that it puts you firmly in control of your financial life. This is your money, which you commit to secure repayment of all credit offered to you through this program.

This Secured Credit Card is accepted ANYWHERE MasterCard is accepted! Get it NOW!