How To Pay Your Continental Finance Credit Card

Matrix credit card phone numberContinental Finance offers credit cards with a variety of different brand names. If you are the holder of a Fit, Reflex, Surge, Verve, Matrix, Cerulean, Simply Gold, or Continental Finance MasterCard, see below for your monthly card payment options:

If you have the Fit, Reflex, Surge, Verve, Matrix or Cerulean MasterCard, you can pay:

  • Online: Log in to your account here and make your payment.
  • By Mail: Send your payment to the following address: Card Services, P.O. Box 31292, Tampa, FL 33631-3292
  • By Phone: The credit card customer service phone number for payments is 800-518-6142.

If you have the Simply Gold MasterCard or your card has #8220;Continental Finance#8221; printed on the front of the card, you can pay:

Matrix Credit Card Customer Service Number

Matrix credit card phone number

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Matrix Credit Card Customer Service Number

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Matrix credit card phone number Matrix credit card phone number Matrix credit card phone number

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    Matrix Credit Card Customer Service Number

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    Innovative IT-solution: Retail Banking CRM

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    Credit Card Information Centre

    Matrix credit card phone number

    Continental Finance offers an enhanced login portal for their customers to access their online account. The customers can manage their account using this portal. They can pay their credit card bills and activate their credit card which they#8217;ve just received. Continental Finance offers numerous cards including Matrix. Each card has its own set of features making your experience with Continental Finance more rewarding.

    On this page, you will find a guide that explains how to login to your Continental Finance Matrix Credit Card online account. It will explain how to login in order to pay bills, review monthly statement history, sign up for paperless billing, add or change their contact information, check the points you#8217;ve earned and online shopping. This article will provide details on how to register for an online account and activate your newly received credit card. Just scroll down this page and you will find the helpful guide we have created just for you.

    Continental Finance Matrix Credit Card Login Instructions:

    Step 1- To login to your Continental Finance Matrix Credit Card online account, you#8217;ll first have to go to Continental Finance Homepage ( and click your card. In this case, click on #8216;Matrix Card#8216;.

    Matrix credit card phone number

    Step 2- The user will be guided to the next page where they#8217;ve to enter their #8216;Username#8217; and #8216;Password#8217; and click #8216;Submit#8217;.

    Matrix credit card phone number

    Step 1- If any user has forgotten their ‘Username#8217; they can retrieve it by click on ‘Forgot Username’ below the ‘Submit’ button.

    Matrix credit card phone number

    Step 2- After clicking the link, the user will be redirected to a new page where they#8217;ve to provide their #8216;Account Number#8217; and click #8216;Next#8217; to proceed with the retrieval process.

    Matrix credit card phone number

    Step 3- In the case of lost password the user can reset it by clicking on #8216;Forgot Password#8216; below the ‘Submit’ button.

    Matrix credit card phone number

    Step 4- On the next page, the user will be guided to the next page where they#8217;ve to enter their #8216;Username#8217; and click #8216;Next#8217; to proceed with the process.

    Matrix credit card phone number

    Step 1- To pay the credit card bill the user will have to log in to his credit card online account following the steps described above. After logging to the online account the user will find options on how to make the payment.

    Step 2- Or the user can authorize an auto debit from their bank and the credit card company will collect the monthly bill from your bank account without having to go to much trouble.

    Step 3- The users can also pay by calling the customer service or by visiting the nearest Continental Finance office.

    Step 1- To activate a newly received card the customer will have to first register for it. And to do so, the user will have to go to the login page and enter their #8216;Credit Card Number#8217; at the Register section below the login section.

    Credit Card Reconsideration Line Telephone Numbers

    This page contains a list of reconsideration line phone numbers. You should call these numbers if you apply for a credit card and aren#8217;t instantly approved. In general they will ask you a few basic questions (e.g #8220;Why did you miss a credit card payment back in 2008?#8221;) and if you reply to their satisfaction you#8217;ll be approved for the card over the phone. All times on this page are in EST (Eastern Standard Time).

    Calling a reconsideration line for the first time can be nerve racking, so get a few tips before you call.

    We keep this page regularly up to date.

    American Express Credit Card Reconsideration

    • Personal Business for new accounts: 877-399-3083
    • Personal Business for existing account holders: 866-314-0237
    • Both open the following hours:
      • 8am-Midnight Monday to Friday
      • 10am-6:30pm Saturday
      • Closed Sundays

    Bank of America Credit Card Reconsideration

    • Personal: open 8am-7pm Monday To Friday. A lot of people report having the best success using the Spanish language line (don#8217;t worry, they also speak English) which can be found reached at 866-865-7843 Spanish number is now unfortunately dead. They seem to frequently change the reconsideration number, try one of the below
      • 1-866-224-8555
      • 1-866-224-7803
      • 1-800-354-0401
      • 1-866-505-7481
    • Business: 866-695-6598 should be current
      • 800-481-8277, this number will check your application status. You#8217;ll then be redirected to a business credit analyst if you stay on the line. Alternatively try 888-663-6262. Open 8am #8211; Midnight everyday
      • 1 800 601 3923
    • You can also view a pending applications status online or by calling 877-721-9405 then pressing 3, followed by your social security number

    Bank of America is a subsidiary of FIA. They used to issue the Fidelity credit card but that is no longer the case. You can use the following numbers:

    • 866-505-7481 English speaking number
    • 866-865-7843 Spanish speaking number (they also speak English and generally people have more success calling this number).

    Barclays Credit Card Reconsideration

    • Personal: 866-408-4064, open 8am till Midnight 7 days a week. You#8217;ll automatically be routed to a Barclays personal credit analyst.
    • You can also view a pending application status online or by calling 888-232-0780 then dial 3 (same operating hours as above)

    Capital One Credit Card Reconsideration

    Capital One doesn#8217;t really have a reconsideration number. They will also not look into your application until you#8217;ve received an e-mail for them on the status of your application. For your best bet we#8217;d recommend calling the first number.

    • (800) 625-7866 – Application Services Line
    • (800) 951-6951 – General Customer Service, automated
    • (800) 548-4593 – General Customer Service and Application Line, automated
    • (800) 903-9177 – Given to me by chat agent
    • (800) 707-0489 – Senior Escalation Account Mgrs.
    • (800) 933-5182 – option 3: application status
    • (800) 889-9939

    Chase Credit Card Reconsideration

    • Personal: 1-888-270-2127, open:
      • 8am-10pm Monday to Friday
      • 8am-8pm Saturday Sunday
    • Business: 800-453-9719, open 1pm-10pm Monday to Friday
    • J.P Morgan (for the Ritz-Carlton card): 800-527-7415

    Citibank Credit Card Reconsideration

    • To be approved for a reconsideration request, you must send in a postal letter to the following address:

    CitiBank Executive Review Department, P.O. Box 6000, Sioux Falls, SD 57117

    You should include all of the relevant information that you#8217;d usually reveal in a phone conversation. See our tips page for things to include.

    You can also try these numbers but it#8217;s unlikely you#8217;ll have any success:

    • Personal: 800-695-5171 8am-Midnight everyday
    • Business: 800-763-9795 7am-midnight, every day

    Discover Credit Card Reconsideration

    U.S Bank Credit Card Reconsideration

    • 800-947-1444 or 800-685-7680
      • 8am #8211; 8 pm Monday to Friday
      • 9 am #8211; 6 pm Saturday
      • Closed Sunday

    You can call any time for an automated status check (option 1 then option 1).

    Wells Fargo Credit Card Reconsideration

    • 1-866-412-5956, open 9am till 9pm Monday till Friday
    • 1-800-967-9521, open 8am #8211; 7PM on Saturday
    • You can also check the status of your application by calling 1-877-514-3717
    • 800-328-1925 (apparently it is 1935 instead of 1925)

    If there is another bank you#8217;d like to see added, let us know in the comments below.

    90 Responses to Credit Card Reconsideration Line Telephone Numbers

    Just tried the BofA recon line and am getting a dead phone number haven#8217;t been able to find the new one yet

    Use the Spanish BofA line, they speak english and it connects right away.

    Spanish number doesn#8217;t work anymore either.

    I ended up calling 866-811-4108 (found elsewhere online) and was able to reopen the application and get it approved. So that#8217;s a working recon number for BoA as of today.

    Just used the FIA Spanish line when I got the 7-10 day message for the Fidelity Amex. They just did an ID check, and approved me!

    Thanks Doc. This sure beats waiting for a response by mail.

    Just called the Barclays Bank number. Their hours are 8-5pm EST.

    Any idea about BBVA?

    Apparently they don#8217;t do reconsideration.

    Thanks for this entire page! A major help.

    looking for a mailing address for chase rep gave me one but I misplaced it

    Working BOA Number:866-458-8805

    No luck with ReCon for me, unfortunately.

    your not alone#8230;:( BOA said no again after reconsideration#8230;.grrr

    The BOA number you have does work to get a person, but then they have to transfer you to card acquisition department. When I asked, they gave me this direct number: 888-221-6262.

    Haven#8217;t tried it yet.

    The direct number to BoA business recon is 866-695-6598. The 888 number you listed seems to be a general CS number and not recon.

    Both FIA lines said they were disconnected when I called.

    The FIA number got me to a recorded message: #8220;You have reached a non-working number at card services. Goodbye!#8221;

    Does anyone have a reconsideration or equivalent credit-department number for a Juniper Barclay#8217;s *Business* credit card (Mastercard)? They point all roads to a single 800 number where none of the reps are empowered to do anything with APR other than tell you the credit department needs to handle it, and when they put you on hold after attempting to raise the credit department, they come back and tell you the credit department said they #8220;don#8217;t handle that#8221; and won#8217;t even take the call transfer. Have had 2 front-line reps and 1 supervisor come back with the same thing, prompting the last rep and the supervisor to separately try to personally attempt to escalate #8220;to corporate#8221; with no guarantee of so much as a return phone call (there hasn#8217;t been one). Dead in the water. Would love another door to knock on.

    Apparently 1-877-514-3717 is the reconsideration number for a wells fargo propel card. Not really sure why its different.

    Recon number supplied goes to IVR menu covering multiple options not just recon.

    Applied for Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express.

    My FICO8 720+ could have dropped recently due to other successful applications.

    Amex Recon seems a bit of a joke. My online app was rejected instantly. No indication of any pulls from any of the CC monitor services that I use (a week later).

    Amex Recon ordered a Hard Pull and would review. Amex Recon refused offer of any additional info. Agent was not able to comment any additional details since he sent the review thru before I could ask much of anything.

    Follow-up to be in a week or so.

    Chase AARP instantly approved on line with a low CL.

    Multiple HPs despite I have two Chase cards for a few years.

    Recon on line for CL increase rejected.

    Chase did a HP a week later (few days AFTER CL increase rejection #8230; Reason unknown except I had immediately used the card for about 55% of CL for legitimate bills enough to meet required spend.

    BofA direct recon line for personal as of 5/13/16 is 888-266-5111. Open M-F 8a-7p Eastern time. It goes directly to a live credit analyst.

    +1, after trying a handful of numbers this is the number that went straight to a credit analyst.

    Please update BofA line to 888-266-5111, other doesn#8217;t work.

    Every time I called amex recon, they said they are going to send the application to some special team to evaluation, and this team do not answer phone calls. And in the end I got rejected every time. Is there any way to speak to the person who can make the decision?

    I never got to a person at Amex just a computerized phone system with the following message #8220;we apologize the computer used to get you to a customer service rep is unavailable now#8221;. I was calling about the freeze on my equi bureau, but never got thru. I tried several days in a row, either their system is down or I have number that is not working for anyone, or it just isn#8217;t working for me. We#8217;re guessing that unless they ask you to call, they want you to wait for the denial letter to come in the mail.

    Amex not so nice

    BOA recon hours are now 8am-7pm Eastern time.

    bofa new applications # is

    Wells Fargo also offers Saturday hours (8AM #8211; 7PM CT) with the option of reconsideration at a different number: 800-967-9521

    For BofA, I called one of the numbers in one of the earlier comments (866-811-4108) since the numbers in your post didn#8217;t work for me. The rep gave me this number: 866-505-7481 and I was able to successfully recon a personal BofA card

    FYI, the number you#8217;ve listed for BOA doesn#8217;t work anymore. I used this number found on the FT alaska wiki, which took me right to a credit analyst. 1-800-354-0401.

    Just a note, all other persons said that #8220;there was no way#8221; to talk to an analyst and I just had to wait for the letter in the mail. So if you hear that you#8217;re calling the wrong number.

    Just called #8211; 866-505-7481 after receiving the #8216;we cannot make a decision#8221; message last night,

    Immediately spoke to an analyst who verified my identity and then told me I was approved for Alaska Air Visa for $1900. Had to verify some other info with another person. Took less than 3 minutes. Thanks for having this info.

    DoC #8211; Can you include a Reconsideration number for Santander?

    Sure, do you know what it is?

    #8220;If there is another bank you’d like to see added, let us know in the comments below.#8221;

    I misunderstood. I thought the above meant you had a way to find the # and include it.

    No, I don#8217;t have a # for that unfortunately.

    We try to find the numbers if possible, I had a look for Santander and I don#8217;t think they have a reconsideration department. If you find a working # let us know and I#8217;ll add it.

    I got a new direct number for Bank of America#8217;s Business Credit Card Analyst Dept from calling today: 1 800 601 3923

    Just got told this by CSR in other dept as well. The numbers in the post no longer work and just give automated messages. Even the other departments seemed confused about what the right number is.

    Thank you! This is really helpful. I used this number to get my BoA Alaska Business card reconsidered.

    Was a straight denial overturned? If so what did they ask?

    Just so you know, this page says it was last updated in 2014.

    Here#8217;s BofA#8217;s biz card fraud department number in case anyone needs it, 800 871 1194

    Hmmm 800-871-1194 is not listed on any of the Bank of America internal numbers.

    I would suggest contacting Bank of America from their website and working through the customer service department.

    When you recon boa what was your credit score? Does anyone have any tips?

    First Bankcard (First National Bank of Omaha) personal and business application status check page:

    Also, FNBO credit services/analyst: 800-444-6220, option 1

    Today I was given this number by BoA for talking to a human about a credit card application: 1-866-295-5137

    bank of america #8211; 800 601 3923 is for small business. not for personal cards.

    Called the top number on BoA, reached small business lending. She gave me the following number

    Man, BoA really changes their number a lot. Used the 800-601-3923 and got the small business line, he gave me 866-224-8555.

    I have called the 1 800 453 9719 number twice but both times they say application is Pending and it is being processed by another department.

    Is there any other number to call for the chase southwest business card for which i have applied 3 days ago?

    Not that I know of, sorry.

    Should i call again or just wait for their 30 day wait that they are asking for?

    Other websites like travelboss and pointsguy are strong recommending not to call business line reconsideration as it hampers business card applications.

    Your thoughts/experience in this matter regarding chase business cards applications?

    Calling reconsideration for Barclay#8217;s was well worth the seven minutes on the phone after I had an app go to pending.

    The number cited above continues to be working and there#8217;s still no phone tree. An analyst picked up almost immediately, politely asked a few questions to confirm ID, asked a few more questions about the application and then placed me on hold while reviewing everything. After the brief hold, she cheerfully returned with an approval.

    The advice elsewhere on the internet to call within a day does seem to be correct, assuming that you expect to be approved anyway (good credit profile, no charge-offs, no late payments with Barclay#8217;s, etc).

    DP US Bank, in TX pulled Exp for Flexperks Gold. Will NOT pull another bureau or accept a pin. Only accepts complete unfreeze of Experian.

    Also, best phone number for wells fargo is 18009679521

    Alliant number listed is incorrect (goes to another business)

    correct number should be

    FYI: The Bank of America business card numbers 800-481-8277 and 888-663-6262 no longer work for checking account status. When you press 3 (the option for pending applications), they state: We regret that we cannot respond to individual application requests#8230;Thank you for calling. Goodbye.#8221;

    Spanish recon for BOA is back up

    BoA- Accidentally called the business number instead of the personal number and they transferred me the personal recon number- 866-224-8555. This person then brought another specialist on the phone and were able to approve the card. I called about 2 hours after applying on the phone for the Merrill + card.

    The main Wells Fargo line is now open until 9PM M-F, not 5PM.

    Just curious, did you apply for a WF card and it was pending? If so, what was the reason why to get your card approved? Thanks.

    Confirmed the # Sparky mentioned above is working for Bank of America personal recon

    Also the # listed above #8211; 1 800 601 3923 #8211; brought me to small business loans / cards.

    Updated post, thanks.

    I need the phone number for Synchrony Bankgma

    Updated BOA Business Recon #: 877-764-2310 (direct)

    Unfortunately the option 3 application status check - human credit analyst is dead, as are 800-601-3923 and 800-481-8277.

    One working and current BOA Business Recon method: call 888-663-6262, option 1 (apply for a new small business credit card), and ask the application specialist to be transferred to a credit analyst. Have your application#8217;s reference number or SSN ready. I applied for 3 business cards in one day.

    My call went as follows: #8220;It looks like you were approved for a few accounts, and we can take a look at your application, but I do want to go over some additional information about your business. So to start off could you tell me a little about your business, what exactly it is that you do?#8221; [answer]

    #8220;Is it just you in this business? Any employees?#8221;

    #8220;Your application shows income for 2016 is x is that correct? what was your net profit?#8221;

    #8220;You showed your personal income was y, where does that come from?#8221;

    [My combined income from my business and my employment.]

    #8220;I show that you recently applied for 2 other cards, what was the need for all 3 cards?#8221;

    [I like to keep my spending separated by category.]

    #8220;What would this card be used for?#8221;

    [General office supplies.]

    #8220;Okay, well I do show that you were just approved for a card with a limit of 4500, we can move 2000 over to this card and get you all set up. Should be there in 7-10 business days.#8221;

    Alliant phone number is wrong. Should be 800-328-1935 instead of 800-328-1925.

    Axis Bank Credit Card Customer Care Contact Number #8211; Toll Free Number #8211; Customer Care Email IDs

    Axis Bank Credit Card Customer care toll free phone number, Axis Bank Credit Card helpline 24/7 support #8211; India Outside

    24#215;7 Hour Phone Banking Service: If You Have Any Queries or Lost of your Debit or Credit Cards. You can Call the Toll Free Service anywhere from India, use this toll free phone banking services from a Landline or Mobile phone. Please dial any of your 2 Toll Free Phone Banking Numbers.

    Axis Bank Toll Free Helpline Numbers :

    For lost Debit or Credit Card, Call on Toll Free numbers

    In the above mentioned numbers are Axis bank customer care numbers, they are providing by Axis Bank for their customers. If you have any question or need any support related to Axis Bank such as products and services then Please you can call on the above numbers anytime. These numbers are availeable to provide support to customers at 24/7 in all 365 days and these are the axis bank toll free numbers so the call charges will not apply.

    Axis Bank Outside India Customer Care Contact Number

    If you#8217;re calling from outside India. You can access Phone Banking services from outside India by dialing +91 22 27648000

    Note (This number is not toll free)

    Axis Bank India Customer Care Email Ids

    Here are the Axis Bank Customer care email ids, if you want ask them via email. Just you can mail on the below mentioned axis bank india custome care email id