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Capital One® Secured MasterCard® Review

Typical secured credit cards require a single designated amount as their minimum security deposit; however, the Capital One® Secured MasterCard® allows you flexibility depending upon your credit. Instead of the traditional $200 or $300 minimum security deposit, the Capital One® Secured MasterCard® offers a $49, $99, or $200 minimum security deposit. Your security deposit can get you a line up to $3,000.

If you#8217;re interested in building and monitoring your credit, the Capital One® Secured MasterCard® offers the Capital One Credit Tracker. which provides a variety of credit tools and information to keep you up to date about your credit score. This service has additional features to guard you against any identity theft.

None of the top secured credit cards allow you to transfer an outside balance to the card, except for the Capital One® Secured MasterCard®. This may be beneficial if you have poor credit and want to transfer an outside balance and start making payments to re-establish your credit at a quicker rate.

Capital One® Secured MasterCard® requires a late payment fee of up to $19, which is significantly lower than the $35 standard fee found with many competitor cards. If you find that you are occasionally late with your payments, this may make the Capital One® Secured MasterCard® a good choice for you.

If you like to travel around, the Capital One® Secured MasterCard® is one of the rare secured credit cards that will not charge you a foreign transaction fee. This is great if you are traveling or living outside of the United States for a period of time.

Capital One Secured MasterCard Review

Capital One Secured MasterCard

If you have a poor credit score or no credit history at all you may be used to being turned away when applying for regular credit cards. If so you should stop damaging your credit worthiness further by having multiple failed checks against your name, and look into getting a secured credit card to boost your rating. Secured credit cards report to the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Transunion, and Equifax), meaning there will be solid proof of your improvements if you keep up with payments, and do not go over your credit limit. As you steadily improve your credit score you will be able to apply for more traditional unsecured cards.

Capital One is one of the biggest credit card lenders in the USA, and their Secured MasterCard gives the cardholder the chance to rebuild their credit score. The card is one of the very best on offer and has virtually nothing going against it, making it a shrewd choice for those looking to get back on to the borrowing ladder.

Like all secured credit cards, the amount of credit you receive is directly linked to the amount of money you deposit, let’s say you pay a $500 deposit, the credit will be $500. Credit limits range from a minimum of $200 to a maximum of $3000, while there is a minimum refundable security deposit of $49, $99, or $200 depending on conditions in the application process.

Being one of the country’s leading lenders means that Capital One is FDIC insured, meaning that in the unlikely event the bank goes into bankruptcy, you will be able to claim your deposited money back in full from the government.

The Capital One Secured card carries MasterCard meaning that the card can be used in any country or retail destination that takes MasterCard. This accounts for almost all major retailers and outlets in most of the world’s nations, as MasterCard is a worldwide name.

There are no application fees on this card, where as some secured credit cards hit you in the application process, with the Capital One Secured MasterCard you will pay no opening fees.

If you can display good credit behaviour as a card holder, then you may be eligible to move to a regular card in the Capital One range and not be subject to any additional charges.

There are a few issues with this card however. Such as even though there is no fee for balance transfers, there is a high APR of 22.9%. There is an annual fee of $29, and although it is never nice to pay any annual fee, for the sector the Capital One Secured MasterCard fares very well. Many secured credit cards will charge high annual fees, sometimes in excess of $100.

With so much to offer the Capital One Secured is a very good choice for those wishing to improve their credit worthiness, while some of the options light a path to being able to get a regular unsecured card in the future. The card is far from perfect, but still proves to be one of the better secured credit cards available. See also Bad Credit Credit Cards.

Capital One Secured Credit Card Overview

Secured credit cards capital one reviews

Your credit is an important part of your financial situation. It follows you through your life and impacts so many aspects of what you do, from purchasing a car, a house, and in some cases, what type of job you can get. Building your credit safely and securely starts with making smart decisions. One way you can help build your credit safely is with a secured credit card. Chase is one credit card company that offers a secured credit card so you can build your credit, whether you are just starting out with little to no credit history.

Capital One is a very diverse financial institution that offers a wide array of financial services and products to consumers, from individuals to businesses and commercial patrons. Capital One is one of the most well-known names in the financial business, and one of the most trusted. They are a Fortune 500 company and although a lot of their business is offering credit through credit cards and other services, they do have branch locations in select states.

About Capital One credit cards

Living life strictly on cash is difficult. So many things in life require the use of a credit card, but if you are just starting out and trying to build your credit, or your credit score has taken a hit for one reason or another, it can be difficult to attain a credit card. Many creditors do not see you credit worthy or consider you a high risk for them to issue you a card. Today, there is another option to the traditional credit card that allows you to build your credit with no risk to credit card companies as well as it gives you more control over your credit.

Capital One offers a variety of credit cards with different limits, restrictions, APRs, perks and rewards. Depending on what your needs are, there is a credit card that fits your situation and your life. One card Capital One offers, has become a popular card over the years because it has the benefit of being easier to obtain if you have little to less than perfect credit. It is known as a secured credit card.

Difference between secured and unsecured credit

Secured credit is different from unsecured credit. What are the differences between the two?

Unsecured – With unsecured credit, a creditor is giving you a line of credit to use with the expectation that you will repay what you use on a monthly basis. You will usually have an interest charge attached to the payment for the use of the money they loaned you for your purchase. You may or may not have an annual fee attached to the card as well.

Secured – Secured credit helps you build credit but gives the creditor more security in knowing they will not be out any money, or as much money, should you default on making your payments, this is because with a secured credit card, it is required that you make a security deposit to the account before you are able to use the card. The amount of security deposit will vary depending on your creditworthiness, but typically ranges from $49 to $200. Once the security deposit is made, you are able to make charges on the card. Each creditor has different card usage terms and regulations attached with their secured credit card so you will want to know all the details about the card before you apply, to make sure it meets your needs and expectations.

About Capital One Secured Credit Card

Capital One’s terms and regulations are straight forward when it comes to their secured credit card. Once you are approved for the card, this is what Capital One will expect of you as part of the terms agreement and the benefits you can expect from a Capital One secured credit card:

In order to use your credit card, Capital One will require you to make a security deposit. The amount will vary on your credit history and credit rating. The amount will either be $49, $99 or $200.

Once you have made your deposit, no matter what the amount was, your credit line of $200 will be open to use. You may get an increase in your credit line after you have successfully made an on-time payment for five straight months without having to make an additional deposit. The amount of increase will also vary from person-to-person and their credit status.

You can always check on your account status by using one of the convenient connections to your account, 24 hours a day. Check on your account by phone, online or use the Capital One mobile app.

  • Regular reporting to credit bureaus

Capital One regularly reports to the three major credit bureaus which can help boost your credit score. As you make your regular monthly payments on time, this goes on file with the credit bureaus and will help your credit score climb.

One of the best benefits of using a Capital One secured credit card is that you won’t have to worry about vendors not accepting it. Capital One is one of the most widely accepted cards of any. It is accepted at millions of locations and by millions of businesses worldwide which means using your card is hassle-free.

There is an annual percentage rate attached to the card which is set at 24.99%. This means that when you make a charge on your card, there will be a 24.99% interest charge attached to it. If you use your card for a cash advance, you will have an interest charge of 2.99% attached.

Building or rebuilding your credit doesn#8217;t have to be painful or hard to do when you have the right creditor helping you along. Capital One is a highly trusted name in credit and they want to help you live the life you want by giving you a head start in building your credit safely and securely with as minimal risks to both you and them, as possible,

Capital One Secured Credit Cards

Your choices for Raw Food are about to be eliminated as the FDA takes the first steps to irradiate all produce in the US see the reprint of an article from NaturalNews.

Reprinted from NaturalNews

(NaturalNews) The FDA has announced that beginning today, spinach and lettuce sold across the United States may now be secretly irradiated before it reaches grocery store shelves. What's secret about it? The FDA previously decided that irradiation warning stickers would not be required on any food items because it would be too confusing to consumers. (The word IRRADIATION apparently has too many letters to be understood to food buyers.) Thus, irradiated foods will not be labeled as such, and consumers are going to be left in the dark about all this (except for those who actually eat the irradiated food, in which case they will glow in the dark).

The FDA, of course, insists that the levels of irradiation used to kill e.coli will have no effect whatsoever on the nutritional value of the food. This astonishing statement comes from an agency that doesn't believe food has any nutritional value in the first place, so lowering the value to zero by destroying all the phytonutrients does not, in the opinion of the FDA, alter its nutritional value at all. Thus, destroying all the anti-cancer nutrients in a head of broccoli merely brings that broccoli into compliance as a non-functional food, according to the FDA.

Radiation, of course, destroys delicate phytochemicals in plants -- the very phytochemicals protecting consumers against cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, inflammation and other diseases. Microwaving broccoli, for example, destroys up to 98% of its anti-cancer nutrients. (The FDA has not yet acknowledged this scientific fact, either.) In a similar way, irradiating food destroys much of its nutritional content, including vitamins, carotenoids, anthocyanins and other delicate protective nutrients that are right now providing the last, desperate nutritional defense against the American diet of meat, milk, fried foods and processed junk.

Irradiating fresh produce will leave the U.S. population is a state of extreme deficiency in protective plant-based nutrients.

Does the FDA plan to destroy the health of the U.S. population?

Many people suspect that's what the FDA really wants. A nutritionally-deficient, disease-ridden population would mean a windfall of profits for the FDA's buddies in Big Pharma -- the folks who sell patented medications at monopoly prices. With the food supply destroyed by radiation, ordinary people would have virtually no remaining sources of protective phytonutrients!

In promoting this food radiation policy, the FDA has accomplished what all the terrorists in the world could not: The mass irradiation of the U.S. food supply -- much like setting off a dirty bomb over the nation's farms (but with less radiation). This destruction of the nutritional value of the food supply is a far greater threat to the health of the U.S. population than any terrorist event, including 9/11. And yet it is being done by our own people, TO our own people, by a lawless agency that answers to no one. FDA officials are not voted into office by the People; they are appointed by politicians. They answer to no one, they refuse to follow federal law, and they operate as tyrants over a quarter of the U.S. economy.

And now they have taken it upon themselves to destroy the national food supply.

We should be more than just alarmed -- we should be outraged! The FDA has committed an act of war against the People. With this decision, the FDA has firmly positioned itself as an enemy of the People, and a bringer of death and disease to the nation. Why are our elected representatives in Washington allowing this madness?

Think about this: If the FDA has its way:

#8226; All your food will be irradiated, pasteurized or killed

#8226; All your children will be vaccinated

#8226; All your medicine will be based on pharmaceuticals

#8226; All your free speech about health will be suppressed

#8226; All informative labeling on food and supplements will be outlawed

#8226; Growing and selling non-irradiated garden vegetables will become a crime!

Today it's spinach and lettuce; tomorrow it's all fresh produce

Don't think the FDA will stop with spinach and lettuce, either. They're already talking about irradiating tomatoes, peppers and onions. Before long, radiation could become mandatory for ALL fresh produce, and all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are supposed to contain health-protecting nutrients will be transformed into sterile, inert plant mass with no health benefits at all. (Brilliant scam, huh?)

This is by design. I believe the FDA wants the American public to be sickened and diseased. Why else would they ban Free Speech about healing foods like cherries, broccoli and garlic? Why would they outlaw the selling of herbs and nutritional supplements that claim to treat and prevent disease? The FDA wants you to be sick, enslaved and medicated, and irradiating the food supply is the quickest way to accomplish that.

He who controls the food controls the People.

He who destroys the food can profit from the People's sickness.

The FDA's crimes against humanity

In pushing this radiation agenda, the FDA is committing a crime against humanity -- a nutritional atrocity that violates fundamental human rights. And yet the FDA's top decision makers continue to operate with zero oversight and zero accountability. They make decisions in a corporate-sponsored vacuum, absent any input from reasonable, health-conscious consumers or scientists. And because they have been granted tyrannical powers by Congress, the FDA operates above the law.

It is not subject to any laws whatsoever; not even the U.S. Constitution which is supposed to protect the People's right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (as stated in the Declaration of Independence).

The mass irradiation of the food supply is a violation of the Life part of that phrase, wouldn't you agree? If we can no longer buy nourishing foods with their nutrients intact, then we are all doomed to degenerative disease and death. but not before paying out our life savings to doctors, drug companies and hospitals. That's the evil genius of the food irradiation plot: It kills you slowly, at just the right pace to drain your bank account before you expire from malnutrition.

I truly believe this irradiation of the food supply is the beginning of the end of America. No nation can survive the destruction of its food supply. The FDA is dooming America to a slow, painful, medicated death. In a generation, this nation will be lost, destroyed from within by short-sighted tyrants who violated nature and left the People to rot.

What you can do right now to fight this latest transgression by the FDA

For starters, you can:

1) Grow your own food. A little gardening is good. Grow whatever you can, even if it's just a few kitchen herbs.

2) Buy your food at farmer's markets, coops and CSAs. See http://www.localharvest.org/csa

3) Ask your grocery store if they are buying irradiated spinach. If they don't know, demand they find out!

4) Raise hell with your Senators and Congresspeople, demanding they pass new laws protecting consumers from the FDA and its plot to destroy the nutritional value of the food supply.

Also, listen to two podcasts I've posted on this topic. The first was recorded several months ago, where I publicly predicted the FDA would do exactly what we're seeing right now. Listen to that podcast here: http://www.naturalnews.com/Index-Podcas.

The second podcast was just posted today. I recorded it right before writing this article. It goes into much greater detail about the FDA's plot to destroy the health of the U.S. population. You can listen to that here: http://www.naturalnews.com/Index-Podcas.

Finally, don't stand for this food supply madness! Raise your voice. Write your local paper, call your representatives in Washington and tell them you strongly oppose the irradiation of the food supply. Teach people about phytonutrients. And stay tuned to NaturalNews as we continue to cover this important story.

The FDA has gone mad. Criminally mad. It is an agency that will literally kill you if given the chance, and it is up to all of us to stop this madness before we lose our health, our children and our very nation.

Capital One Secured MasterCard Review (Updated 2016)

Secured credit cards capital one reviews

The Capital One Secured MasterCard is a secured credit card designed for those who would like to rebuild their bad credit rating. Secured credit cards are very effective at helping individuals to both improve their credit score, as well as to establish a credit score for those who do not have any credit established. The following review will provide an in depth analysis of the Capital One Secured MasterCard.

Things We Like About The Capital One Secured MasterCard

  • No annual fee: This card does not charge an annual fee, which is great because most secured credit cards feature an annual fee, which can be as high as $100.
  • Reports to the 3 main Credit Bureaus: Your activity on this card will be regularly reported to the 3 main credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion)This will allow you to improve or establish your credit score if you make all your payments on time.
  • Doesn’t always require a security deposit: The best thing about this card that differentiates itself from the competition is, you can qualify for a credit line without having to put down a security deposit. If your credit is decent with a good payment history, you might not have to put down a deposit. Also, depending on your score, you might only have to put down a portion of what your credit limit will be. For example, you might only have to put down $500 to get a $1500 credit limit.
  • Credit limit up to $3000: If your credit score is damaged, your credit limit will be based on the amount you put down as a security deposit. So if you put down $3000, your credit limit will be $3000. The credit limits range from $200 to $3000.
  • Increase credit limit: If you constantly make your payments on time, you will receive a credit limit increase without you having to add another security deposit.
  • Flexible Security Deposit Options: You can make your security deposit all at once, or over time. You will have 80 days to make your security deposit in full. You can make your security deposit online, or even over the phone.
  • No application fee: This card does not charge an application fee, while many other secured credit cards will charge you an application fee.
  • No balance transfer fee: You will not be charged a fee if you transfer balances from another credit card over to this card. Some other secured cards will charge a balance transfer fee, but not this one.
  • No foreign transaction fee: This card will not charge you a fee when you use your card in other countries, or when you use it to pay for any foreign currencies. Most secured cards do charge a foreign transaction fee, but not this one.

Things We Do Not Like About The Capital One Secured MasterCard

  • No interest on security deposit: You will not earn any interest on your security deposit, this really is not to big of an issue, as the interest earned is usually very minimal anyway. However, some secured credit cards do allow you to earn interest on your security deposit which is placed in a savings account.
  • High interest rate: The A.P.R. on this card is 24.99%, most secured credit cards do have higher interest rates then normal credit cards, however there are some with a lower A.P.R. such as the Open Sky Secured Visa card. You can avoid this high interest rate all together by making your payments on time.

Who The Capital One Secured Card Best Suits

  • Those with bad/limited credit looking to build their credit score, as this card reports regularly to the three main credit bureaus.
  • Those who cannot qualify for a traditional, non secured credit card because of their credit score.

How The Capital One Secured MasterCard Compares To Similar Cards

Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card

This is another secured credit card that is very easy to qualify for. You can literally qualify for this card in minutes as the bank does not run a credit check, making this card ideal for individuals with bad credit and no credit yet established. This card is easier to qualify for then the Capital One Secured card. Like the Capital One card, this card also regularly reports your credit score to the 3 major credit bureaus allowing you to build you credit if you make your payments. This card does have an annual fee of $35, while the Capital One card does not. Like the Capital One card you credit limit can range anywhere from $200 to $3000, as your credit limit will be equal to your deposit. The A.P.R. on his card is 17.39%, which is quite lower then the 24.99% seen on the Capital One Card. Overall the cards are very similar, although we would have to give the edge to this card as it has two big differences, being the Open Sky card is easier to qualify for, and has a lower A.P.R.

This is another secured credit card that has some differences then the Capital One Secured Card. This card allows you to move up to a regular, non secured credit card within 12 months if you continually make your payments, while with the Capital One card, it might take a longer time to move to a regular card. Furthermore, this card has a lower A.P.R. at 19.24%. This card has an annual fee of $29 which isn’t to expensive. The credit limit for this card ranges from $300 to $5000, which will be the amount you put down as the security deposit. This card also pays interest on the security deposit, as your deposit is kept in an savings account that pays interest. This card also regularly reports to the 3 main credit bureaus. The downside to this card is it can be difficult to qualify for, especially if you have a lot of debt in unpaid balances, bankruptcies, or a high debt to income ratio. Overall this card has some better features then the Capital One Secured credit card.

Wells Fargo Secured Visa Credit Card

This secured credit card has a very high credit limit, as the credit limit ranges from $300 to $10 000, which is the highest out of all the secured credit cards. It has a decent A.P.R. at 18.99%. This card has an annual fee of $25. You can qualify for this card with limited/bad credit, just like the Capital One Secured Card. This card allows you to potentially upgrade to a regular, non secured credit card if you make your payments regularly. This card also reports to the 3 main credit bureaus. This card does not charge a penalty A.P.R., while the Capital One card does. Overall this card is very similar to the Capital One Secured card, with the biggest difference being the lower A.P.R.. and the high credit limit of $10 000.

Should You, Or Shouldn’t You, Our Final Verdict

This is a high quality secured credit card that will help you improve/establish your credit score. It does not have any annual fees or applications fees, making it a low cost card allowing you to build your credit. This is a well balanced credit card with the only problem being the high interest rate of 24.99%. However if you make your payments in full you will have not to pay any interest at all, which you should always do especially with a secured credit card. The best feature this card offers that makes it the first choice for many is the fact you can qualify for a credit line without putting down a security deposit. None of the other secured credit cards in this article offer this feature. The high A.P.R. with this card is basically offset due to the fact it virtually has no fees associated with it, this is especially the case if you will make the payments on time together.

However with that being said, if you do no mind putting down the full amount as a security deposit, you could benefit from some of the other cards in the form of a lower interest rate, and a higher credit limit. It all depends on your situation. The bottom line is, this is one of the most popular secured credit cards that you should definitely look into if you are looking for a secured credit card, you really cannot go wrong with this card.