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Maurices is an American women’s clothing retail chain with headquarters in Duluth, Minnesota. Maurices provides its customers with credit cards to allow them make in-store payments.


  • Mobile App: Not Available
  • Telephone Number: +1 866-977-1542
  • Headquarters:Minnesota
  • Founded: 1931 (86 years ago)
  • Company's Rating:

    Invest with Personal Capital:

    Muarices really cares about its customers and that’s the main reason why they provide them with credit cards that allow them to make payments from any of their outlets. Customers can also manage their credit cards online by simply registering an online account with the credit card provider. Here is a guide to help you login into your online account, change your password and sign up.

    If you have already registered an account with Maurices Credit Card, you can always login anytime using your login details. You will only need your login details, which basically include your login ID and password. Here are the steps to login:

    Step 1-Open

    /maurices-credit-card in your web browser

    Step 2-Place your mouse on “my account” and click “manage account”


    Step 3#8211; Enter your email address and password and click “sign in”


    Maurices Credit Card has made it easy for their customers access their online credit card services and now they have created an easy way for those you can’t remember their passwords to reset it. You can have a new password for your credit card online account in only a few simple steps. These steps include:

    Step 1-Go to where we started and follow step 2 shown above


    Step 3-Enter your email address and click “get password”


    If you are a Maurices Credit Card holder, you can register for an online account so that you can access credit card details from anywhere around world. For record purposes, you will be required to provide a few details about your credit card. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

    Step 1-On the homepage, place your mouse on “my account” and click “manage account”

    Step 2-Click “create your account”


    Step 3-Enter your first name, last name, email address, password and click “submit”


    Manage your Maurices Credit Card account online

    Once you have registered an online account with the credit card provider, you will be able to do the following online:

    • Pay your bills
    • Check your account balance
    • Register for alerts
    • Get sales notifications

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    Maurices Credit Card Payment through Comenity

    MauricescreditcardMaurices is a well recognized retail chain based subsidiary in clothing business. Since its incorporation from 1931 it is expanding its network day by day. Starting from general retail stores to shopping malls in different cities of the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, Maurices extended its reach. In its success path it got a number of awards and reorganizations which made it popular among the general people.

    Currently in the Women’s clothing industry, the Ascena Group’s subsidiary made a ground-breaking change in the current scenario of retail sector. Managing the big retail chain produced challenges for the Maurices in the market. The service by Maurices is much popular among the fashionable girls in its complete service area.

    The website of Maurices is complete dedicated to make the customers pleased with latest stuffs through advanced online technologies. Payment procedure through maurices is another instance of world class support system from the agency.

    Along with the convenient payment methods available in the official website, customers can use to get benefited from maurices card. Being a card holder, you will get access to the Online or in-store bill payment options. Without any annual fee card holders you will also get convenient minimum monthly payments.

    Be sure that you are also being eligible to get 15% discount so apply for a card. Your Maurices credit card account issued by Comenity Bank. On the you can get access to the Online Account Center. In this section, paying bills online and checking statements like facilities available with updating your account information. Maurices Online Payment

    All the credit programs presented by Comenity#8217;s banks bundled with exclusive benefits and amazing offers.

    • Here you will get different payment options as per your own convenience.
    • Customers can play their bills or dues via mail and online. Also the option of payment right at the store is available.
    • After logging into your account through Maurices page, you will see the dues to be paid. And after typing the payment details wait for the success message.
    • You are done, you paid all your bills with an ease on the go.

    If you will get any questions regarding online payment or billing then call Maurices customer services and bill payment team immediately. Replacement of the card, blocking against unauthorised access will be provided to you by the bank itself.

    Apply For Maurices Credit Card

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    Maurices Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

    The Maurices credit card account center lets you manage your card online, performing tasks such as paying your bill, updating your account information, and viewing recent card statements.

    Visit the Maurices account center webpage from a desktop or laptop computer. If you are on a mobile device, you will need to visit their mobile site for account management tools.

    Maurices offers convenient in-store bill payment options, but you can also pay your bill online if you prefer. Additionally, the online account center can be used to view and print past statements and/or update your account information.

    If this is your first time using your Maurices credit card online, you will need to register and activate your account. When you click on the gray “Sign up” button on the welcome screen, you’ll be taken to a page that asks if you know your card number. If you have your card with you, click “Yes9rdquo; to enter your account number, the last four digits of your Social Security number or selected form of identification, and your zip code. Click on “Continue9rdquo; to create your username and password, authorize the site to remember your device, and enroll in paperless statements.

    If you don’t know your account number, click on “No9rdquo; and provide your full Social Security number or alternate form of identification, first initial, last name, date of birth, and zip code. Click on “Continue9rdquo; to create your username and password, authorize the site to remember your device, and enroll in paperless statements.

    Maurices Credit Card Review: A Look at Pros and Cons

    MauricescreditcardWith credit card use and credit card debt at all-time highs, consumers are looking for ways to cut back on the amount and type of credit cards they’re using. With cash reward credit cards, rewards cards, department credit cards and conventional credit cards, it’s hard to know which cards to keep and which to eliminate.

    Maurices is an American retail clothing store that currently has about 900 stores located throughout the United States and Canada. In 2011, Maurices was ranked #3 among the top ten employers in retail by Forbes. Although it may be a great place to work, is it a great store from which to get a credit card? Their credit card has been around for many years and continues to be very popular with many shoppers. Learn about both the pros and cons of the Maurices credit card.

    Pros of the Maurices Credit Card

    • They are not as rigid about requiring really high credit scores as some credit card companies tend to be.

    • The Maurices credit card may be a good way for consumers with poor or no credit to improve their credit.

    • New credit card customers generally get a coupon good for a certain percentage off of their next purchase. The amount of the discount may vary depending on if the card came from the store on in the mail. It may be up to forty percent off.

    • Maurices is generous with credit limit increases if payments are made on time.

    • Credit limits are often increased without consumer having to ask (also listed as a con by some).

    • Credit card holders get advanced notice of upcoming sales and promotions.

    • Maurices does not charge an annual fee.

    • Credit card holders get special coupons that offer excellent opportunities to save money.

    • Credit card payments can be made online, through the mail or even in the store.

    • Credit card holders often get free credit card extensions.

    • A coupon for five percent off is sent to credit card holders on their birthday.

    • The account can be accessed online, allowing the consumer to check account status and view monthly statements.

    Cons of the Maurices Credit Card

    • This credit card, like many retail store credit cards, charges fairly high interest rates.

    • High interest rates on this card can make it difficult to pay off the balance quickly.

    • Maurices credit card does not offer rewards, points or rebates or any way for customers to earn them.

    • Consumers often get credit limit increases without having to make a request.

    • Many customers complain that credit limit increases fluctuate from up to down and without much regularity.

    • It can only be used at Maurices stores because it’s not a major credit card like MasterCard or Visa.

    • Because some credit limits may be low, it’s difficult to use the credit card and still maintain a certain balance so as not to hurt credit scores.

    • They charge late fees, although this is similar with many department or retail store credit cards.

    • Payments made late in the day are not credited until the next day, often resulting in a late fee if payment is right on the final due date.

    • Many customers complained that online customer service was not 24/7 and had room for improvement.

    • The APRs vary from one customer to another; the lowest APR is 24.99%, according to Finance Globe.

    Overview of the Maurices Credit Card

    As is the case with many credit cards, you are going to find almost as many cons as pros. The Maurices credit card definitely falls into this category. As retail or clothing store credit cards go, this card is quite popular with responsible shoppers who enjoy great savings. While many feel that their initial prices are higher than most retail stores, the coupons offered to their credit card holders allowed the shoppers to get excellent buys. In some situations, customers may use more than one coupon at one visit.