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Accessible and affordable personal loans without guarantors, this is how you could describe online signature loans in just a few words:Borrow up to $25,000; 36 Month repayment term; No Guarantors Required.

Online signature loans are also known as personal loans or installment loans. Essentially they are unsecured loans that you can apply for online. Unsecured loans do not require the borrower to provide any collateral; the borrower's signature and promise to repay the loans is sufficient as collateral for these types of loans, that's why sometimes these loans are also called good faith loans or character loans.

However just because the borrower does not provide collateral that doesn't mean that there are no risks or downsides. One of the downsides to unsecured loans is the interest rate. Because there is no need for guarantors the risk to the lender is higher which is why the interest rates also tend to be higher than those of secured loans.

Also if a borrower refuses to repay the loan or does not repay on time this will have a negative impact on the borrower's credit score. These kinds of actions lead to bad credit scores and bad credit scores lead to reduced chances of approval for future loans as well as higher interest rates.

There are however many advantages to online signature loans aside from being able to apply without a guarantor. For instance::

This will increase your chances of approval if you have low income and a less than perfect credit score.

Personal loans do not have a predetermined reason for it's use like other loans such as: student loans or home loans.

Full time, part time, military employment, unemployed, retired, on benefits or unemployed.

signature loan reviews

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Review terms and acronyms commonly used in the finance and loan industry

Amortization- The repayment of a mortgage loan by installments with regular payments to cover the principal and interest.

•APR – The cost of a loan stated as a yearly rate; includes such items as interest, mortgage insurance, and loan origination fee

•Bond – An interest-bearing certificate of debt with a maturity date. An obligation of a government or business corporation. A real estate bond is a written obligation usually secured by a mortgage or a deed of trust.

•Cap – A provision of an adjustable-rate mortgage that limits how much the interest rate or mortgage payments may increase or decrease, There are typically initial, periodic and lifetime cap’s on a loan, refer to the note for clarification.

•Finance Charge – The cost of interest and other charges involved in borrowing money.

•Fixed Rate – Legal agreement between the borrower and lender that the rate of interest is fixed on the specificied loan amount.

•Foreclosure – Forefiture of a property bank to the lender for failing to make payments.

•Good Faith Estimate – Estimate of costs and fees for a borrower on a loan.

•Index – The economic index is an agreed upon index used to determine your interest rate (libor, prime, etc).

•Interest – The amount paid for the use of money, usually expressed as an annual percentage.

•Interest Rate – The interest charged by a lender for the use of money, expressed as a percentage. •Jumbo Loan

A loan with a dollar amount that exceeds the statutory size limit purchase by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, presently $ 417,000

•LIBOR (London Inter Bank Offer Rate)

An interest rate charged among banks in London for short-term loans denominated in a specific currency. A common index for debt securities.

•Lien – A monetary claim against your property. Usually liens must be settled before the seller can take title.

•Line of Credit – Type of loan in which the borrower may draw on funds at any time, up to an established maximum limit; the borrower may borrow, repay, and borrow again, any and all of the credit extended; a revolving loan.

•Margin – Percentage added to the index by the lender to determine the interest rate.

•Maturity Date – The date that a loan is due in full.

•Note – A signed document often referred to as a promisory note, whereas a borrower agrees to repay a lender based on specific terms.

•Prime Rate – The most favorable interest rate charged by a commercial bank for short term loans; a benchmark from which a bank computes an appropriate rate of interest for a loan contract.

•Principal – The balance on the loan amount, excluding interest.

•Rate Adjustment Period – With most ARMs, any periodic adjustment in the interest rate changes the payment. Adjustment periods tend to reflect the period of the index of the most popular ARMs.

•Rate Cap – Consumer safeguards that protect the interest rate during the application and processing period.

•Refinance – The repayment of a debt from the proceeds of a new loan using the same property as security, most common in mortgages, business, comercial and vehicle loans.

•Term – The period of time during which a loan is repaid.

•Title – The right to ownership in real estate or with a vehicle which is recorded with a local government entity.

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