We change the future by creating it

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Maverick Collective is redefining what it means to be a philanthropist.

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We are part of the global effort to end extreme poverty. And we’re going to do it in our lifetime.

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The fastest way to end extreme poverty is to invest in girls and women.

Because when girls and women are healthy, safe and educated, they help transform societies and lift their communities and entire nations out of poverty.

We believe that solving big problems requires more than money. It takes leaders who are willing to listen with empathy to the people they aim to serve, to fail and learn fast, and to lend their talents and voice to generate impact.

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Test new approaches and promising solutions through seed investments.

Find out what works and what doesn’t, measure effectiveness, and build the evidence base.

Use evidence to attract additional funding from other sources.

Expand successful programs to reach girls and women across the developing world.

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Test new approaches and promising solutions through seed investments.

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Find out what works and what doesn’t, measure effectiveness, and build the evidence base.

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Use evidence to attract additional funding from other sources.

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Expand successful programs to reach girls and women across the developing world.

Menstrual Health and Hygeine Management in Nepal Scoping Review

This scoping review and preliminary mapping of Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management (MHM) in Nepal is one of the first of its kind in Nepal. Through this review, we studied in-depth the MHM situation in Nepal, bottlenecks and opportunities for the way forward. The full review document is available here: Scoping Review and Preliminary Mapping of []


CERVICAL CANCER IS MOST DEADLY IN INDIA. THIS PROGRAM IS TRYING TO CHANGE THAT PBS NEWSHOUR, June 12th, 2017 BY FRED DE SAM LAZARO Cervical cancer afflicts a half million women across the world every year, but it#8217;s most deadly in India. For many Indian women, seeing a doctor is the last resort and an []

Maverick Collective: royally rewarding

FINANCIAL TIMES Maverick Collective was featured in the May 2017 edition of FT Wealth. The candid interview with co-founder#8217;s HRH The Crown Princess of Norway Mette-Marit and PSI Senior Vice President Kate Roberts covered the journey of Maverick Collective to-date. Both co-founders talk of the moment of truth that lead them to establishing Maverick Collective through []

Maverick Collective is an initiative of Population Services International (PSI), a leading global health nonprofit organization that makes it easier for people in the developing world to live healthy lives and plan the families they desire.

PSI is our founding partner and implementing agency.

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Co-Founder and Co-Chair Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

“The Sustainable Development Goals make a clear call for more advocates, greater innovation, new resources and a sharp focus on improving the health and rights of girls and women. Maverick Collective was designed to respond to this call. When everyone contributes what they have to offer, we help lift girls and women everywhere.”

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“For many people, they want a different kind of engagement. They want to spend time figuring out what their passions are. They want to think hard about what—in addition to money—they have to add to the cause, whether that’s expertise, relationships, or skills. And they want to advocate, to help more people get fired up about these causes. That’s what Maverick Collective can do. It creates a community where this ambitious, broad-based vision of philanthropy can flourish.”

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“My passion is finding new champions and bringing people together to create change. Maverick Collective was created to change how women are engaged in philanthropy, to put equal value on intellectual and financial resources in service of girls and women worldwide, and to help end extreme poverty.”

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Entrepreneurs are our world’s catalysts. Individually we drive growth, value-creation and innovation. But collectively one Maverick community of 21st century entrepreneurs can change the way business is played and the rules we use to measure success. Our goal is to instigate the instigators, influence the influencers and connect the connectors – with a dash of maverick mischief thrown in.

Who is a Maverick Entrepreneur?

Mavericks are growth #8211; oriented business leaders who collide at the intersection of bold business ideas, genuine happiness and greater meaning. Mavericks embrace leverage, collaboration and the idea of abundance.

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The Maverick EcoVerse is a collective of integrated and interconnected companies run by collaborative Profit Partners. It’s a true ecosystem that builds upon the base Maverick DNA philosophy of ‘More Profits, More Fun and More Impact,’ Or Business Growth Profits, Entrepreneurial Lifestyle and Giving Forward.

3% Forward : A capstone to the Maverick EcoVerse is the 3% Forward movement, co-founded with other highly respected entrepreneurs, thought leaders and non-profits.

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The idea is to have entrepreneurs designate 3% (or more) of their annual sales as a “giving forward” pledge. 3% can be provided in any combination of money, talent and/or product or service for a cause that matters most to the donor. This tiny percentage compounded can multiply the power of business for good.

By applying a fraction of our entrepreneurial talent, ideas and/or capital we can help support what matters most and potentially help solve some of the biggest issues facing the world today.

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The Maverick EcoVerse connects and catalyzes 21 st century entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators through the 3 main hubs that are supported and interconnected to one another:

The Maverick Education hub delivers real-world education for all levels of 21 st century entrepreneurs.The 3 spirals symbolize infinite growth with the 2-faces standing for strategy and tactics. The content is a combination of free and paid knowledge products, ‘manifestos’, apps, online learning, experiential workshops and events.

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Maverick MBA focuses on strategic thinking pulled from Maverick1000 members who have built $1M #8211; $100M businesses plus other thought leaders in our network. This material centers around topics such as culture, vision, innovative business models, etc. This is the new MBA for dynamic entrepreneurs without any ivory tower thinking or theory.

Each course uniquely combines on-demand learning with a totally unique light-weight project management interface to make it completely action oriented content. No longer will information simply sit gathering dust on a shelf.

Maverick CORE delivers the tactical information across 4 areas that business owners and entrepreneurs can use immediately to succeed in today’s world:

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C : Creative Services (eg. web development, multi-media, copywriting, etc.)

O : Online Marketing and Mobile (eg. Facebook advertising, social media, Amazon, etc.)

R : Revenue Enhancement (eg. site optimization, testing and tracking, etc.)

E : Entrepreneurial Education (eg. mindset and foundational philosophy delivered free)

Maverick MBA also hosts live events and workshops including the Underground® Online Seminar with an experiential spy theme combining fun, entertainment and top-level networking attracting 800+ attendees each year.

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3-For-1 Scholarship: All Maverick educational components come with a unique 3-For-1 scholarship component provided in partnership with highly regarded non #8211; profit partners like NFTE, Dreams for Kids Wounded Warriors. Entrepreneurs that buy the training programs will be sponsoring 3 educational scholarships, at no extra cost to them. These will be provided to:

1. Young entrepreneurs (ages 13-23)

2. People with disabilities

3. Returning military veterans

The scholarship winners have access to the same training material so they may learn and develop their 21st #8211; century skill sets. The best part is after completing the material they can work as “virtual interns” for their sponsor. Ultimately this can also create a skilled talent pool of providers and business operators.

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The second hub centers on transforming Maverick entrepreneurs by connecting them with other exceptional peers and building community in unique #038; engaging new ways.

Maverick FUSE Local chapters run by directors provide a community-driven approach for maverick entrepreneurs to come together and jointly build an EcoVerse in their region. These include educational opportunities, peer-to-peer network, unique experiences for networking and mentorship to young entrepreneurs.(With 100 chapters #038; 100 young entrepreneurs mentored this would hit our10,000 startups goal.)

[highlight] 2015 Maverick Mission: Instigate 100 Maverick FUSE Chapters [/highlight]

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Maverick Business Adventures® Maverick Business Adventures® opens to all different levels of entrepreneurs providing a combination of one-of-a-kind experiences, business building breakthroughs, high level networking, deal making #038; powerful connections that only occur outside the #8216;normal#8217; business settings. These curated experiences can also include access to different business icons and thought leaders. Using a “Green Light” date different experiences are put out to the network and only ones that hit a pre-selected number of attendees by the set deadlines will take place. These events and experiences are led by Maverick FUSE facilitators.

Maverick Impact Trips : Working in partnership with non-profits, Mavericks can participate in fund raising trips that aren’t just about donating money but also about mentorship and shared idea exchanges. Previous Impact trips have already raised over $750,000.00+ to date and have ranged from working with micro entrepreneurs in Haiti building self-sustaining villages to mentoring at the Branson School of in South Africa.

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Maverick Family Freedom : Maverick members are invited to an annual, exclusive event for the entire family. Sessions teach children about entrepreneurship with the kids actually going out and apply their skills by selling. Parents concurrently partake in workshops about raising more independent and less entitled children. There is also a unique element of family bonding and lifetime memories along with built-in adventures and unique experiences.

[highlight] 2015 Maverick Mission: Instigate 100 Maverick Experiences [/highlight]

Maverick Meet-ups : To further the lifestyle brand of Maverick we’ll “open source” it by providing entrepreneurs the tools and resources to “run” their own trips. Tools would include the workshop materials, instruction, formats, notes and instruction to self-facilitate. The Maverick Meet-ups can potentially be organized on the Meetup.com platform, creating a bigger footprint and easy way to bond and connect entrepreneurs that share the Maverick philosophy #8211; even if they are unable to invest in a Maverick Business Adventure or qualify for Maverick1000.

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Maverick1000 “1 Maverick Entrepreneur Can Change an Industry#8230; but Together 1,000 Can Change the World.” Maverick1000 is an invitation only, global network of exceptional entrepreneurs periodically assembling to collaborate on, develop and share breakthrough ideas on the most critical issues facing 21st century innovators and leaders. These retreats are a combination of invigorating conversations, rejuvenating experiences and ‘giving forward’ opportunities (to-date raising over $1M+).Maverick members are recognized at the top of their respective industry and high impact fields.

Previous participating attendees include, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hawk, Jesse James, renegade VC-investor, Morten Lund, 2-time Super Bowl champion and many-time entrepreneur, Carl Banks, X-Prize creator, Dr. Peter Diamandis, Patron Tequila co-founder John Paul DeJoria, Zappos.com CEO, Tony Hsieh, 4-Hour Workweek author, Tim Ferriss and many others.

Maverick1000 members have multiple opportunities for breakthroughs throughout the year:

  • Annual Maverick M 3 Summit held in sacred locations around the world with a line-up of exceptional business luminaries and experiences. i.e. 2012’s Summit celebrates the new cycle of the approx 26,000 year-old Mayan ‘long count’ calendar by spending the night in a real Mayan village with authentic Shamanic rituals.
  • Annual Underground® pre #8211; day Future Trends Briefing provides members with the latest insight to stay ahead of the curve. Previous sessions highlighted mobile commerce, crowd sourcing, mobile apps and Gamification #8211; before they became trending topics.
  • Invitations to unique and exclusive gatherings and events including the Dangerous Dinner Series, parties on Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson, etc.
  • “3X Multiplier Days” held in different regions 3x per year with a unique format…
    • Day 1: Business and Growth Multiplier – workshop experience with unique conversations and discussions with members, business icons and thought leaders.
    • Day 2: Impact Multiplier – With each member, the Maverick Impact Fund automatically accumulates growing to tens of thousands available for disbursement based on member direction. Maverick1000 members help invited non-profit and cause partners brainstorm solutions to their pressing problems with allocated donations reserved for implementation. Then part of the Impact Fund is provided to new startups competing for capital and mentorship.
    • Day 3: Experience Multiplier – Mavericks get to partake in an optional unique adventure, excursions or experience to help them re-energize and rejuvenate themselves and their thinking.

3X Multiplier Days could be anything from jamming with Gene Simmons and having candid conversation on how he built KISS into a $1Billion+ licensing powerhouse. Mountainclimbing with Yvon Chonaird of Patagonia #8211; while discussing corporate culture and sustainability. Sharing a multi-course meal with restaurant powerhouse Danny Myers and experiencing his enlightened hospitality concepts first-hand. Or perhaps hanging in studio with Russell Simmons, Jay-Z or Sean Combs with an uncensored session about how they’ve built mega empires.

Previous participating Maverick icons have included Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hawk, John Paul DeJoria, Peter Diamandis, Jesse James, Carl Banks, Steve Saleen, Morten Lund, Chip Conley, Tony Hsieh, Tim Ferriss and many others.

Epic Experiences : Maverick1000 members have privileged access to truly EPIC experiences such as blasting 80mph through the Baja#8230;experiencing a Zero-gravity flight (like NASA astronauts do to prepare for space travel)#8230;flying MiG jets in Russia#8230;going on an African Safari, swimming with Great Whites and attending the World Cup finals#8230; driving a super exotic automobile 200 mph+#8230;scuba diving in between tectonic plates in Iceland#8230;and kite boarding on Sir Richard Branson#8217;s private island.

Upcoming EPIC experiences may include:

  • Antarctica Expedition with a “Margaritaville” party and private concert by Jimmy Buffet.
  • Week-long Brainstorming and immersion trip with Sir Richard Branson on his private island, Necker Island.
  • Wonders of the New Ancient World expedition via a private jet, Stonehenge, Sleeping inside the Great Pyramids of Egypt more.

Platform for Legacy: Maverick1000 members are also provided an opportunity to help the next generation through mentor relationships, brainstorming solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems with cause partners, sharing their knowledge inside the Maverick MBA Educational hub and Co-Creating new startups #038; ventures inside the Maverick Ideation Hub.

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Maverick members and entrepreneurs are engaged with new ideas, business models and innovations through the third main hub of the EcoVerse.

Maverick Reverse Accelerator : Maverick1000 #038; FUSE members have many business ideas that might not be the right fit for their current ventures. Instead of letting these ideas lay dormant, they are shared (live in-person or online) with Maverick MBA grads. Maverick members bring their experience, success, distribution and reputation to the table to match up with an MBA grad who develops the idea on a mutually agreed on revenue split! This naturally creates one-on-one virtual mentoring and partnerships.

Maverick Ventures receives an equity stake and/or revenue share for matchmaking and enabling the startups to benefit from our additional resources, tools, distribution, partnerships and an expanding network of capabilities inside the EcoVerse.

Maverick Upstart : Graduates of the Maverick MBA program can showcase their business ideas (either live in-person or online) to Maverick1000#038; Maverick FUSE regional members to compete for capital and mentoring. They are selected after achieving a minimal amount of marketplace traction and validation through crowd funding.

Registrants for these different programs are funneled by word of mouth, social media, viral techniques, email announcements, positive press, charitable foundations (like the Kauffman Foundation), NFTE, private and charter schools, online sites like KIVA.org or Youngentrepreneur.com, media partners like INC magazine, partners #038; businesses like Intuit, DELL, VISA, American Express, CitiBank, Bank of America #038; Staples, etc.

2015 Maverick Mission: 10,000 Startups

Profit Partners: The Maverick EcoVerse is a unique business model inspired by Zingerman’s Community of Businesses with integrated and interconnected companies run by collaborative Profit Partners. These Profit Partners are responsible for their division or hub but also share in the overall financial picture of the Maverick DNA holding company. Profit Partners come together 3x per year for a Maverick Mastermind group to collaborate, share best practices and team connection.

Part of this unique model is that many of the divisions actually deliver a “shared service” to the different hubs and bill them for it independently in a “eat all we can and sell the rest” arrangement. The ‘sell the rest’ is provided the same services to the collective Maverick entrepreneur network. A few examples are:

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Maverick Events puts on exceptional events for Maverick1000, Maverick Business Adventures® and the Underground® but also creates events that are more fun, more profitable and more impactful for a select group of clients!

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Maverick CORE Solutions delivers done-for-you services that fall under the Maverick CORE categories. From elegant web design to profit-enhancing copywriting services and site optimization.

Maverick ProfitMaximizerGroup #8211; develops licensing, sponsorship and joint venture revenue streams for Maverick1000 members and other business owners with intellectual property, business processes or hidden assets.

The Maverick EcoVerse also has the unique flexibility to shift into new opportunities and projects that may not even been seen yet if they line-up against the Mission, DNA and values

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This type of flexible structure also allows team members to grow their entrepreneurial skills and test out business ideas that we haven’t even considered yet. Maverick team members may even choose to grow an idea themselves or use the assets of the Ideation hub to create additional profit partners and spin off companies.

Team: The Maverick DNA team is a results-based virtual team that thrives in a culture of autonomy, meaning and tons of fun! There are no assigned hours and no office to report to. Each member develops and contributes their ‘Unique Ability’, based on Dan Sullivan#8217;s concept of identifying your best habits with continual improvement, passion and energy derived from performing that activity. Team members are first selected for their DNA culture match and then their skill set. We use assessment testing like Kolbe, Wealth Dynamics and Strength Finders to ensure that team members are working in their natural flow. Team members are rewarded with unique perks such as growth and learning opportunities, participating in a Maverick experience or helping hitting an item off their #8216;Ultimate Big Life List#8217;.

Game Mechanics: Game mechanics include points, levels, badges, challenges, missions and more utilized internally among the team and externally with customers to create a fun and engaging growth environment.

Yanik Silver is the Maverick behind Maverick and DNA driver. Through his best-selling books, unique content, ongoing adventures and just living his life to the fullest #8211; the Maverick philosophy is spread and imprinted on each division and felt throughout the Maverick EcoVerse.

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Brand #8211; inspires a passionate level of belonging and affinity among entrepreneurial members at all levels of growth. Astonishment Architecture™ is part of the brand experience where each touch point is specifically designed to astonish, wow or over-deliver on expectations. Mavericks have such a strong affinity that they help create their own languages, creeds and rituals. Because of our strong connection, complimentary companies regularly approach us to license the Maverick brand and IP for products appealing to entrepreneurs. There may even be anreality TV show showcasing the adventures, business lessons and unique entrepreneurs involved.

Partnerships – Maverick partners with top-level brands that enhance value for members. For example, a co-branded Maverick credit card allows cardholders to use points for Maverick experiences, educational resources or even start-up funding. Partnerships are not just a banner inside the learning center but are truly integrated across all aspects of the EcoVerse.

Press – The unique activities, adventures, high-impact training, 3-for-1 scholarships and the young entrepreneur focus continue to gain numerous mentions in the top business, lifestyle and travel publications and online media, even landing the front cover of INC or Fast Company.

Formal and informal board of advisors and mentors include business experts and icons such as Sir Richard Branson, Ted Leonsis, Sara Blakely, Cameron Herold, Tony Hsieh, Chip Conley, John Paul DeJoria, Mark Ford, Dan Sullivan and Frank McKinney to help exponentially grow the Maverick EcoVerse.

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Maverick 2015 Mission: From the top down, each of the mission points hits a key aspect of the Maverick EcoVerse. Focusing on our global impact, we are also creating an inevitable byproduct of meaning, engagement, transformation, happiness, enjoyment and significant profits.

8 Maverick DNA Core Values

Creative focus on finding leverage points for the critically few “little hinges that swing big doors” to accelerate exponential results and value.

A stonishment Architecture™

For any product category or service there is an expected level of satisfaction and value by the end user – our job is to astonish at each point of contact or interaction. But wait, there’s more#8230;this is a driving goal of creating surprise, delight and astonishment beyond expectations.

V ision for a Bigger Future

Individually and collectively growing, learning and getting smarter…then spreading that knowledge further among the Maverick community.

Banish the ordinary #8211; why have an ordinary life or create an ordinary business? You get to make the rules, decide what really matters and how you keep score.

Consistently and continually disrupting, differentiating and innovating.

Maverick is not just a pebble thrown in a pond, but a boulder. We’re the catalyst for massive impact with our philanthropic innovation, entrepreneurship giving forward initiatives and scholarships.

Instigating the spark, inspiration #038; connection for bold 21st century entrepreneurs. And co-creating something with infinitely more value and sharing in the greater rewards with everyone at the table.

A little bit quirky, a little bit rock n’ roll #8211; not taking ourselves too seriously but still being really (okay mostly) cool even in green Speedos or an Elvis wig.

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