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Building up a good business credit score is more important to obtaining business funding than most entrepreneurs realize. In fact, one of the most frequent reasons that small business loans are denied is because of low personal and business credit scores.

After establishing a credit profile with business credit agency Dunn Bradstreet, small business owners should apply for a business credit card and start using it responsibly to start building a good credit report. These cards can provide many added benefits to companies along their path to business credit nirvana.

1. Higher Limits

One great advantage of business credit accounts is that the credit limits are usually much higher than on personal cards. This allows a company to instantly have greater access to working capital without all the waiting that comes with a standard business loan.

Business credit card lines also have less risk attached them than some other forms of business lending, especially alternative loans. With business credit cards, a company does not actually borrow any money until making a purchase and the full amount of credit is available again immediately after paying off any debt in full.

3. Separates Business and Personal Finances

Using a business credit account allow entrepreneurs to draw a line between their personal and company finances. That way the personal credit will be protected if the business suffers or fails.

4. Easy Organization

Business credit card accounts automatically come with easy online access to all company spending and allow owners to quickly analyze expenses by month, quarter or year. Most credit card accounts also can be easily downloaded into accounting software to make it even simpler for you to track your spending.

Whether its airline miles, discounts at hotels and rental cars, or cash back, business credit cards can offer a wide range of very helpful rewards. Entrepreneurs should research the perks of different companies before committing to any card.

By taking advantage of all these benefits, new companies can build their business credit while also helping themselves grow and thrive.

Max out credit card

Maxed out my credit card video

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Choice clips from the documentary Maxed Out

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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Max Out Your Credit Card

Credit cards are an inevitable part of life no matter how much you try to shake them off. It can be a savior or a demolisher depending on the way it is used. Most individuals discourage the use of credit cards due the fear of getting into debts. However credit cards are just the instruments, not the reason behind a debt crisis. The improper utilization of credit card is the key factor leading to your financial crisis. The end result of which can be either to opt for debt settlement or bankruptcy. The important fact that is often missed out is that the card has a limit. You get into problems of debts and penalties only when you max out your credit card.

Using your credit card to the optimum level can get you into severe debt crisis. The article deals with the top 5 reasons why you should not max out on your credit cards. Consider these to have a clear overview:

  • Credit score drops: Your credit score has a direct relation to the credit used on your cards. 30% of your score is directly dependent on your usage of the available credit. Credit utilization is basically the ratio of credit card balances to credit limits. If your credit usage is higher your credit score will be hampered to a greater extent. Do not use your credit cards to the maximum limit. Either you max out your single credit card or many; all of it adds negative markings on your credit score.

  • Negative impact on Lenders: If you want to get a loan from an individual lender or a bank, you need to show a good credit report. When you apply for a credit card or loan, the bank or the lender will take a look at your available credit card balance. If the account shows high credit card balance, it is an indication that you have incurred more debts that you can possible afford to pay back. This gives the lenders a negative impression of your credit report which may lead to denial of your credit loan applications.

  • Increased possibility of exceeding your credit limit: If you keep your balances below your credit limit, your chances of exceeding your credit limit is reduced. However if finance charges are included there can be a possibility of exceeding your finances. If your balance crosses your credit limit, you would face difficulty in regaining it as an over-limit fee will be charged each month. Try keeping your credits as low as possible if you want to avoid an over-limit fee.

  • Difficulty in repaying balance: Depending on your credit limit, if you have maxed out on your credit card balance, it would take a longer time to repay. If you are paying only the minimum balance the time limit for repayment increases. You can pay the balance in full but for that you have to let go of the cash. This can be problematic as the payment due date arrives your repayment get difficult.

  • Default rate gets triggered: The interest rate on your credit card terms can be raised by the credit card companies if you max out your credit cards and default on it. The highest interest your credit card company can charge is 30%. If you have acquired a high interest along with a high balance it can turn problematic for your credit card repayment plan. If you max out your credit card balance, your interest rate increases. This can increase the rate of your default on payments.
  • Unmanageable Credit Card Balances: It is always better to keep your credit card balances below 10% of your credit limit. It helps in the managing the credit card in a better way and also gives a good impression to the lenders about your credit score. You should try to keep a check on your credit limit by restricting your credit card purchases so you can avoid maxing out your credit cards.

Author Bio: Kevin Craig is a financial writer associated with Oak View Law Group. He has helped many debt burden people to get out of debt by helping them with debt settlement proper financial advice.

max out credit card

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Is it possible to max out a credit card and then transfer balance to pay 0% interest for 40 months?

Quite rightfully it was marked as duplicate and provided reference to two more great answers:

Now the question - is it possible to:

  1. fully utilise existing credit card (buy stuff aka speculative investment)
  2. transfer balance at 3% fee
  3. then not pay any interest for 40 months

Of course I should be super-vigilant to fully pay off the card before the full interest kicks in. I should also keep minimal monthly repayments. Is there anything I need to know to make it real?

Sure is it possible.

What does it give you? You basically get a '3% in 40 months' credit for 10 or 20 or 30 k$ (whatever your max is), that makes about 0.8%-0.9% per year. That's a relatively cheap credit, but that's all you get.

Your credit score will go down, because you'll have a pretty high ratio, and your other credit cards might go up in interest (which only matters if you carry a balance). If you want to buy a car or a house within these 40 months, you are paying an arm and a leg more on the loan/mortgage.

That doesn't seem like a good deal for me. Aside from the fact that if you don't pay back in time, it immediately becomes a nightmare credit card debt.

But if you think that is a good deal, go ahead and do it.

Reminder: Max out your $300 Travel Reimbursement Credit on JPMorgan Chase Ritz Carlton Credit Card

Advertiser Disclosure: This post may contain referral, affiliate or sponsor links that provide Travel with Grant compensation. Thank you for your support.

Good morning everyone. As the end of the year quickly approaches, I wanted to remind those of you that have a JPMorgan Chase Ritz Carlton Credit Card to max out your $300 travel reimbursement credit by December 31, 2015. I have talked about the travel reimbursement credit several times in the past (once, twice, and thrice), but you still have time to take advantage of the offer in 2015. If you are unsure how much of your $300 travel reimbursement credit you have left, call the number on the back of your Ritz Carlton credit card to find out. I called last week and was told that I had $36.53 left for 2015. Spoiler alert: I maxed out the travel reimbursement credit for 2015.

Max out credit card

Here are the full terms of the Travel Credit on Chase#8217;s website (link).

To request a statement credit to apply towards qualifying airline incidental Net Purchase(s) made with your Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card, you must contact J.P. Morgan Priority Services at the number on the back of your Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card within 4 billing cycles of the purchase date. Only the following types of non-ticket Net Purchases qualify for this offer: airline lounge day pass, or towards a yearly lounge membership of your choice; airline seat upgrades; airline baggage fees; in-flight internet/entertainment; in-flight meals; Global Entry fees. (#8220;Net Purchases#8221; are purchases of goods and services made by you or any authorized user on your account minus any returns or refunds, and do not include balance transfers, cash advances, cash-like charges such as travelers checks, foreign currency, and money orders, any checks that access your account, overdraft advances, interest, unauthorized or fraudulent charges, or fees of any kind, including an annual fee, if applicable.) We do not determine whether merchants correctly identify and bill transactions as being of a certain type. However, we do reserve the right to determine which purchases qualify for statement credits. Statement credit will post to your account within 5-7 business days and will appear on your monthly credit card billing statement within 1-2 billing cycles. Qualifying purchases made by authorized users on your account are eligible for statement credits; however, only the obligor on the account, not authorized users, may request statement credits. Maximum statement credit accumulation for this offer is $300 per calendar year. The Ritz-Carlton Rewards is not responsible for offer fulfillment or the provision of or a failure to provide the stated benefits and services.

#8220;Airline seat upgrades#8221; is one of the reimbursable options and I asked the JPMorgan rep if Southwest Airlines EarlyBird Check-In was considered a seat upgrade since you technically get a #8220;better#8221; seat when you check-in earlier. He seemed to agree with my logic. After that call, I decided to *splurge* and pay $12.50 for Southwest Airlines EarlyBird Check-In (link) for my Southwest Airlines flights over Christmas.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Southwest Airlines EarlyBird Check-In service, the Southwest Airlines reservation system will automatically check you in 24 hours 36 hours before your flight departs. Since you are checked in 12 hours before the #8220;non-EarlyBird Check-in-ers,#8221; you will get a better seat than if you checked in at the 24 hour mark. This is great if you want to sit near the front of the plane and have plenty of overhead bin space to choose from. The EarlyBird Check-In is $12.50 per person, per confirmation number, per day.

Max out credit card

For example, if you booked SFO-LAS-DAL as one confirmation number, you will have EarlyBird Check-In for the entire one-way trip. If you booked a round trip flight from SFO to DAL back to SFO with a stop in DAL, you would need to pay for EarlyBird Check-In twice (if you wanted it twice). Aside from getting on the plane faster and having more overhead bin space to choose from, you do not receive any other service (no free drinks or in-flight perks).

After I returned home from my Southwest Airlines trip, I called the number on the back of the Ritz Carlton credit card and spoke to a very nice rep. I told her that I had a few travel purchases that I would like to get reimbursed. She happily applied the travel reimbursement credit to my account. The most she could apply was $36.53 since that was all that was left for 2015. I thanked her for her help and hung up. The following day, the travel reimbursement credit posted to my account. Pretty easy process.

What#8217;s my plan for 2016?

I have a crazy 2 week EuroTrip planned for January 2016. I will be visiting London, Paris, Nice, Munich, Venice, and Dublin, and I am flying between all of those cities (see Great Circle Mapper). Since most flights in Europe do not let you pick seats for free, I am going to wait until January 1 and pay for assigned seating on most of these flights.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Have a great day and safe travels everyone!