max out my credit card

Building up a good business credit score is more important to obtaining business funding than most entrepreneurs realize. In fact, one of the most frequent reasons that small business loans are denied is because of low personal and business credit scores.

After establishing a credit profile with business credit agency Dunn Bradstreet, small business owners should apply for a business credit card and start using it responsibly to start building a good credit report. These cards can provide many added benefits to companies along their path to business credit nirvana.

1. Higher Limits

One great advantage of business credit accounts is that the credit limits are usually much higher than on personal cards. This allows a company to instantly have greater access to working capital without all the waiting that comes with a standard business loan.

Business credit card lines also have less risk attached them than some other forms of business lending, especially alternative loans. With business credit cards, a company does not actually borrow any money until making a purchase and the full amount of credit is available again immediately after paying off any debt in full.

3. Separates Business and Personal Finances

Using a business credit account allow entrepreneurs to draw a line between their personal and company finances. That way the personal credit will be protected if the business suffers or fails.

4. Easy Organization

Business credit card accounts automatically come with easy online access to all company spending and allow owners to quickly analyze expenses by month, quarter or year. Most credit card accounts also can be easily downloaded into accounting software to make it even simpler for you to track your spending.

Whether its airline miles, discounts at hotels and rental cars, or cash back, business credit cards can offer a wide range of very helpful rewards. Entrepreneurs should research the perks of different companies before committing to any card.

By taking advantage of all these benefits, new companies can build their business credit while also helping themselves grow and thrive.

Max Out Your Credit Cards. The End Is Nearly Here!

Max out my credit cardIf you're waiting for December 21, 2012 to usher in the Apocalypse, you may be late for the party. And your last chance to max out your credit cards and have one hell of a party. It's that close. You now have less than a week.

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So, prepare yourself. For the end is finally nigh. Or not. ∙ The Best Points Mileage Credit Cards

How to Save Your Credit with a Max Out

It is never a good idea to max out your credit cards. However, reaching that credit limit can be easy especially with low limit cards. If you have maxed out those cards then there is a serious issue going on. Now, you have debt on top of your monthly expenses. If you find that you are unable to cover the debt and your normal expenses then you are risking a hurt credit score. Don’t worry though as there are some easy fixes you can take to ensure you remain in good standing and learn to budget your expenses.

You are all spent and your favorite back up card is now at max out. The only thing left to do is re-evaluate your spending habits and see where you currently stand. Try to clear any unnecessary spending for a while. Put your credit cards up somewhere safe and less tempting to use. Make sure to budget out the most important expenses first. Budget yourself for utility payments, rent or mortgage payments, transportation expenses, and food expenses. Remember to cut those extra expenses out, so try eating in for a bit. Entertainment and clothing expenses will have to take the back burner until you can clear up your finances.

Don’t stress over the little things

Setting a budget for yourself is one thing, but following it can be a bit more difficult. Your spending habits have led you to max out your credit cards and now you are doing damage control. If you find yourself strapped between small decisions like paying for groceries or paying your credit bill, don’t sweat it out. Do what is important and buy those groceries. Don’t sacrifice too much in the journey to good credit. Try weeding out some of the other small things. It is known you love your gym membership, but cancel it for a while and work out at home. Television is not a necessity, it is a luxury. It’s okay to remove lifestyle items such as this for a bit. In the end you are saving yourself from bad credit and bad spending habits along the way.

Don’t stretch that dollar beyond your income

The biggest mistake you can try to do it try to bring in more debt. Don’t max out a card and then apply for another. If your card hit max out, then you are already spending more than you can pay. When transferring funds you are at risk of higher fees that just add more debt to your total. Forget about payday loans as the interest rates are extreme and you are once more adding debt instead of decreasing debt. Following the budget for yourself is the best method of survival. If you are discovering that you just live beyond your means then maybe it’s time to consider ways to improve your income.

Making sure you make your payments on time and pay your essentials for the month is the most important thing you can do. Don’t spend more than needed. Try not to use that max out card until it’s paid off. By this point you will have rewired you’re spending habits and maintain your good credit.