mastercard no credit check

Mastercard no credit check

splash is like cash only better. It is a payment card which you can load with money by easy automatic top up from a bank account, wage transfers, with cash or with a credit/debit card. Your splash card looks just like a credit or debit card, with a card number, chip pin and signature strip and can be used wherever Maestro® cards are accepted.

But here’s the clever bit. splash is not a credit card, which provides you with a line of credit, nor is it a debit card which is linked to a bank account. This means that with splash you can’t go overdrawn or borrow money you can only spend what you have loaded onto it, so you stay in complete control.

splash allows you to top up by transferring your wages or money from a bank account - FREE. This way, you can securely enjoy your money in shops, on-line and across the world when you are on holiday. You can even get an extra card for family and friends, so you can quickly and safely share your money.

Wherever you use your splash card, you’ll think to yourself; how did I ever manage before? With splash, life just got a whole load easier.

splash opens up the whole world of secure on-line shopping without having to worry about people accessing your bank account details.

With on-line shopping growing faster than ever, splash lets you enjoy the best on-line deals without having to leave home!